After I spent time learning how to make music, how to run a business, and about life itself, I had a lot of information to review. The Rurouni project is musical representation of my thoughts throughout this time period. It covers how I view the relationships in my life changing and how I am supposed to find a constant place in an ever changing world. I really like Rurouni because it wasn't made with any monetary goals in mind, it's really just my perspectives and beliefs at the current point in time. 

It's Never Sunny in Cleveland

Being a hip hop artist out of Cleveland, a place where we don't have many victories or hometown heroes, is tough. As an artist from Cleveland I wanted to not only show the people here we have someone you can support and be proud of, but also show people in other cities we have someone talented you should listen to. I reached out to a lot of Cleveland artists and producers for this project and put together an artistic piece with a smooth, mellow sound. INSIC is my letter to Cleveland and shows why I will always work to put us on top,

Yesterdays Nothing

This project I like to call my first 'album'. I took a lot of time out to learn about music business and marketing and put a real professional approach to releasing this music. I reached out all of the producers and handled the paperwork, performed in different cities, and printed hard copies to mail to listeners around the country. Overall, I am very proud of this project and Yesterdays Nothing was the beginning of my path as an artist and businessman in hip hop music.