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Chicago, Illinois



Full Name - Faris Mousa

Height - 5'11", 6" with shoes on

Handedness - Right

Style - Eccentric

Freestyle / Written - Both

Business - MAMA

Early Life

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois. Faris Mousa, now known as Phay, started his path in a concerned, sheltered home. His mother saw the danger in their environment and set tight limits for him as a child. One of the fonder memories of living here included being fortunate enough to be close neighbors with the only kid on the block to get a Nintendo 64 when they came out. They would sit on his kitchen floor playing Super Smash Bros or WCW Wrestling until it got dark or his mother kicked them out. (Phay was a Kirby man, by the way).

Early musical influences from this time period include TLC, P. Diddy, Mase, Cam’Ron, Jay- Z, and R. Kelly. Also classical Arabic music such as Oum Kalthoum, Fairuz, and Abdel Halim that his mother would play around their home. Although he enjoyed music all his life, a young Faris would have never imagined the path he’d be on today.

“I never thought I would be an artist. I don’t have a story like “Oh I used to play piano when I was 3, and came up with crazy melodies when I was 5 years old” I wasn’t really musically inclined at all, like I didn’t show any potential when I was a kid if that makes sense. I wouldn’t beatbox, or like beat on the tables, I never played the drums, or try to play any instruments. I didn’t sing, I wasn’t a performer; music was just a part of my life as a listener, as a consumer."

“When I first moved to Atlanta, I wasn’t really fond of it. Back in Chicago we always had this negative connotation toward people from the south, especially with the Civil War and confederates. As well as the stigma of hillbillies and stuff like that. I was still real young when I moved, Southern Hospitality by Ludacris had just dropped to give you a timeframe, and I wanted nothing to do with the culture of Atlanta or Southern culture as a whole. I just rejected it at first, you know this music really wasn’t for me. I was more of a Dipset fan and a Kanye West fan because he was the Chicago hometown hero. It took about 3 or 4 years before I actually started embracing the culture and Southern culture in general. The music, the food, the strong influence of the church. Now, I hate leaving Atlanta. Where I first moved to was super country compared to Chicago, and then I moved to Decatur, which is East Atlanta. Which is where 21 Savage, Gucci Mane, and 6lack are from, and I’ve been here for about 11 years now; and the blend of cultures here is amazing."

Phay 2

Phay 2


Before there was ever Phay, there was Pharaoh. Faris’ first musical personality was spawned as a simple middle eastern gimmick with a debatably appropriate mixtape titled “Jungle Fever.”

“Which in retrospect was absolutely trash if I’m being honest” says the artist previously known as Pharaoh. Nothing produced under this alias can be found anywhere online, and seemingly for the better. Phay’s entrance into the music world was one of power, grace, and dueness. His first steps with ‘Mama’ and ‘E & Phay’ do much more for the consumer than impress, they translate relevant emotions we’ve all felt to portray an image of the artist, as well as ourselves.  

Phay’s re-entrance into music was more or less an outlet for him at the time. After taking a few year break from music as a whole after college, he found himself unhappy and facing depression in his everyday life. Though working a good job with good pay, there was still something missing. His album ‘Mama’ is a depiction of his consciousness and expressions at the time and overall helped him cope with the pain he was facing and eventually to rid himself of it almost entirely.

“There’s some records I can’t listen to off Mama. I was in a dark place when I made that. Just a place of questioning a lot of things and questioning the actual meaning of life. I mean, I wasn’t suicidal in any way but I was just sad.  I was making a lot of money at a good job but I just wasn’t happy. I quit music, there was about two years that I wasn’t making any music and I got back into it and it started working as a form of therapy. I had no idea I’d be dropping records as prolifically as I am now, you know every week after week, week, week, week. Let alone ever drop anything ever again. It started out as therapy and I started becoming happier. And MAMA is that process of reaching contentment and euphoria in a way.”

Whether you realize it or not when listening, Phay’s music evokes emotion and reflection, which is his intent with every song he makes. His sound itself is active, his instrumentals follow a disciplined music theory and come together as their own work of art. His energy in each song is unique and dedicated to the mood and message. His flow stands out as one of the freshest and best in the game today yet reminiscent in its own way of old-school Ludacris and others like him.



“My music has graduated to a feeling rather than just content if that makes sense. I’m more interested in evoking some sort of feeling or emotion within the listener. Whether it be something I say, a certain chord, an 808 hitting a certain way, or the melody, I want to connect with the listener and them remember that, and associate it with a positive moment in their life so they come back and experience that over and over again. I have two producers who are classically trained pianists. Chords that are in major provoke a certain response in humans, I try to have all my beats and chords in major format instead of minor. A lot of stuff you hear nowadays is darker with the Tory Lanez,Travis Scott, and 6lack. I think that’s just the wave we’re on as a collective. Even the echoes and the effects on the autotune is all just darker. So even on records where I’m talking about darker stuff, like in my song Peace, which is about gun violence, the song as a whole comes off happier than it’s content because its in major.

Phay’s top 3 songs on Spotify alone amass over 1 million streams. His total Spotify plays yield over 1.8 million. His soundcloud presence is over a million streams, and his iTunes numbers grow daily. Though he himself would never brag about it due to his humble nature, Faris is pleased by these numbers being a completely self funded and independent artist, with every reason to be. Being featured on Discover Weekly brought him fans from all over. His fan mail has started branching out and he receives messages from the UK and Greece begging him to tour their way. As far as the next move, Phay just dropped two singles before 2017 ended titled ‘Wallahi’ and ‘West Coast Bopton’, both very solid works with high replay value.

Fun Fact: Faris has a condition called Synesthesia, which is the body experiencing the impression of one sense through the stimulation of another. In his scenario, he hears colors, yes he hears colors… When listening to a song, he can feel and hear the color associated with the melody and mood of the song, like being a walking mood ring for your playlist. Phay says this has only helped him better represent himself and his music visually as seen in the eccentric and appealing video for his song ‘PEACE’

Phayvorite Tracks

Hol’ Up (Intro)



Phayvorite Tracks


32 Flavors



Q: Lemon Pepper wings… You shout them out in 32 Flavors, are they that good?

A: They’re amazing, bro. If you come to Atlanta, you go to any wing spot you gotta say “10-piece Lemon Pepper Hot” a lot of people like them hot I get them mild but any hot sauce with Lemon-Pepper is just like, the greatest combination in the world.

Q: What are some of the hobbies you go to inbetween music?

A: Not much has changed from the Nintendo 64 days except my TV is in my room now. I like to play 2K. I love playing basketball at LA Fitness as well, I’m very competitive by nature. I smoke hookah a lot, I like to kick back and smoke to unwind. The usual Netflix and whatever, I usually fall asleep to it but yeah. I like to pay attention to certain camera angles or shots and every now and then I’ll find something that inspires me.

Q: Tell me more about the limited edition clothing you've been giving away on social media

A: Waww, I’m going to do it every week. I like doing 1 of 1 stuff with the Mama brand. That’s like all I wear, if you see me I’m wearing the Mama hat. One kid bought it off my head and wore it around for Halloween and the security guard at the bar he went to said “Oh that’s funny who’re you supposed to be, Phay?” so like it became a local costume type of thing. If you see me I usually have some track pants on with a Mama hoodie and a Mama hat everywhere. So sometimes I’ll get bored and think “Yo this Mama patch would look dope on this denim jacket, or the Wallahi artwork would look cool on this sweatshirt” and I’ll go out and spend the 20 bucks or whatever it costs and get the fans engaged with me online. Say something like “1 of 1 the most creative comment wins what’s your favorite record” and have the fans pitch in and know that they can reach out to me and I am accessible, and if you read the comments my fans are amazing, like, they’re hilarious. They use the same terminology as me and act real goofy and it’s awesome. My first giveaway was supposed to be a fun, lighthearted one and it ended up going to Casey(@thekiller365casey). When he messaged me in the DM’s I was like shit, I gotta do this every week. He really wanted people to know his story, I didn’t intend on posting it but he insisted. We give back to the community like we do backpack drives or feed the homeless that has been sponsored by Mama but it’s never been documented because I feel like helping people for likes and exposing that is corny. But in his situation he really wanted to get the story out about his condition and how to get the proper treatment if it does happen to you or a loved one. So I went over there to give it to him and he told me he didn’t have much longer to live which was super sad, like he looked me dead in the face and I didn’t know how to react. But we kicked it for a while, gave him the hoodie, and he was real excited and told him any time he wants to kick it i’ll just come over he was like 15 minutes from me. From that, a few friends of mine did a show the next day and invited him out, gave him a hoodie, honored him on stage and he got to talk about his situation. I’m really glad it got some exposure because people are really starting to reach out to him, he just wants people to talk to him, he just wants their time. He doesn’t care about this material shit. He really put life into perspective for me and now a lot of people are really spending a lot of quality time with him, so I’m glad something so good came from the first one and it inspired me to keep doing it week by week.

Q:What’s one of the struggles you face as a rising artist?

A: People not really taking me serious, or thinking they can take advantage of me or use me for so and so. I’ve had a lot of people and I don’t want to mention labels or anything but they’ll come to me and say “your stuff is really good, but you could make a lot of money just writing for people.” which is kind of backhanded and them saying they don’t want to build you as an artist. I was talking to a big label the other day because I’ve been sending them songs and they were like “Yo we really wanna fly you out so you can work with so and so, like I’ve been doing this for 17 years and you’re special, we don’t know too much about the urban market but…” basically like they dont give a f*** about me but they want to make me a pop-star.

Q: What is your advice for a beginning artist of any kind trying to make their way into the world?

A: First off, your heart has to be completely in it and you have to have the will to get better. Put your ego to the side and listen, even if you learn nothing just listen. Also, investing time and money are two big things. If it’s not only your money going into it make sure the other person really believes in you and your journey. Surround you with people who believe in you and don’t get bored when it gets slow, find people who take initiative without being asked to, basically a strong support system is key. Invest in yourself, time and money. Nobody’s ever got on without money, money is always put somewhere. I don’t want to make it sound like everything revolves around money but it’s a lubricant and gets things moving. Plus, if you invest money it shows people you’re serious.

Q:What is your opinion on the XXL freshman list this past year?

A: I think Carti had one of the best songs of 2017 with Magnolia. I think Amine is very creative, I love his visual representation, especially with the video for Red Mercedes, Caroline was an amazing record, plus he’s East African too so he’s sort of a pioneer in his own right. XXXTENTACION is a little weird obviously, with his allegations, but he’s talented in his own way. I have nothing bad to say, I don’t consider them mumble rappers. I don’t care if mumble on a record or if you s*** on a record, if it’s hot, I’m gonna like it.

Q:Any rising artists you know that we should be on the lookout for?

A: Kelechi, definitely. He’s a real good guy, very talented, he does a lot of my producing, he’s an artist. He won that Mt. Dew contest the other year and was awarded some money to put towards his project.

Q:Now’s your chance to get a direct message to say whatever you want to the viewer

A: Your neck work is your net worth.

#YN The Top 10 Rap Albums of 2017 . Written By @RePete617

It seems like every year...

the rap game grows stronger and stronger. We constantly get introduced to new artists who bring start their own wave and we also get legends coming out with their new heat. From Lil Pump to Meek Mill, a lot of your favorite artists came out with albums this year but which one was the absolute best of 2017? In my humble opinion, these are the top 10 albums of 2017.

10. Without Warning - 21 Savage . Offset . Metro Boomin


This absolute banger of a mixtape dropped out of the sky just in time for Halloween. No one, and I mean not a SOUL, expected this mixtape. There weren’t even rumors that it was coming out but the day before it did. 21 Savage, Offset and the best producer in the game Metro Boomin announced the release of this mixtape and it shook the rap game to its core.  21 Savage really shined on this album with songs such as "Run Up the Racks", "Still Serving", and "My Choppa Hate".

Travis Scott and Quavo were two spectacular guest features on the tape and they only added to how great it sounded. Offset also may have released one of the best songs of the year with "Ric Flair Drip". This song’s beat and flow were masterful and Offset really held his own on this whole mixtape. I think it’s funny how one member of the Migos dropped a collab mixtape before the other. This is definitely one of the best collab tapes to ever drop.

9. Deadstar - Smokepurpp


Smokepurpp’s first album DID NOT disappoint and it really flew under the radar. He is one of those rappers that constantly gets bashed on for only rapping about xanax and lean but that hate needs to be put on hold in order to really enjoy this album. He even got a feature with Travis Scott on this piece of art, furthering his uprising as an artist. Purpp is going to be a signee to Scott’s Cactus Jack label and if this album is any indication for his potential as a star then the future is certainly bright for Lil Purpp. “Drop”, “Krispy Kreme”, “Audi”, “Topic”, and “Streets Love Me” ft. Juicy J are all tracks I highly recommend. If you give this album a good listen, you can see why it was one of the year’s most underrated projects.

8. Still Striving - A$AP Ferg


Although Always Strive and Prosper was probably his best work, Still Striving has to be considered in that same category. A$AP Ferg’s biggest strength is his flow and lyricism to go along with that flow. This was evident on the song “Plane Jane” by starting off with an ode to Juicy J’s Slob on my Knob then continued by giving a brief detail of his life in New York. The song was undoubtedly one of the best of the year but that wasn’t the only banger on this album. “The Mattress Remix” ft. A$AP Rocky, Famous Dex, Rich the Kid, and Playboi Carti is an absolutely great track and I love the chemistry between all the artists on the song.

I also like how Ferg gave Dex, Rich, and Carti features on his album because it not only helps  these young rappers cred but also introduces them to new fans. “East Coast Remix” features absolute legends on one whole track. Snoop Dogg, A$AP Rocky, French Montana, Rick Ross, and Busta Rhymes are all guest features and they bring their own legendary bars. Other hits include Awwh Yeah ft Lil Yachty, Coach Cartier ft Famous Dex, and Nasty (Who Dat) ft Migos. Ferg certainly did get creative on this album and I look forward to his next project.

7. SahBabii - S.A.N.D.A.S.


One of the most unique projects of the year came from an up and coming artist known as SahBabii. S.A.D.N.A.S had a Young Thug type feel to it along with unique beats and lyrics. The remastered version of the mixtape serves as a coming out party for the Atlanta artist. The remastered version features “Marsupial Superstars” which can be considered a top 10 track of the year for its blend and creativity. SahBabii gets very creative with his lyrics on tracks like “Eazy”, “ Cracks and Crevices”, and “Titanoboa”. His hit track “Pull Up wit Ah Stick” is also featured on the mixtape. This was a great piece of work by a young and talented artist and his next project should not disappoint.

6. Quavo and Travis Scott - Huncho Jack Jack Huncho

Huncho Jack.jpg

Now this may be a surprise entry but really think about it. This is a mixtape we have been wanting for almost two years now and there is not a single bad song on this project. In fact, this can be considered one of the best collab tapes ever made. So putting all that in mind, you can realize that this is indeed a top 10 project of the year. The only features it has are Takeoff and Offset so you can see how personal Quavo took this tape. The two legends wanted to make sure this tape was absolutely perfect and for long as it took to come out, you can tell they spent countless hours working on this masterpiece. This was WELL worth the wait and again, there is just not one bad track. This is truly a well thought out, excellent produced album.

5. HNDRXX - Future


This came as a complete surprise. If you recall when Future dropped his first self titled album, there were rumors that another album would come out just one week later and little did we know that Hendrix would outdo himself. This wasn’t your typical Future album, in fact it was completely different from anything that we have heard from Hendrix. It was a soulful, straight from the heart masterpiece. You would expect something like this from Drake but Future seemed to outdo him at his own game. From “Incredible” to “Selfish” ft Rihanna this was an album a lot of people can relate to personally and Future should consider dropping more projects like this. He proved to everyone that he can be versatile and connect with people on an emotional level which is something you didn’t expect from a trap rapper.

4. Wins and Losses - Meek Mill


Throughout his whole life, Meek Mill has endured every trial and tribulation possible. Growing up on the rough Philadelphia streets has molded him into the rapper he is today. Those stories were told loud and clear on “Wins and Losses”, from the stories about his deceased friends to the injustices facing African Americans and minority groups in America this album told all. This also had a few turn up songs like “Ball Player” ft Quavo and also a few soulful tracks like “Whatever You Need” ft. Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign. This album speaks volumes especially after what Meek went through this year and what he is still currently going through, being failed by our flawed justice system. This was a straight from the heart album that we will have to enjoy until Meek is rightfully freed.

3. More Life - Drake


Drake announced at the end of 2016 that he would be released another album and many thought it would drop in the same calendar year he dropped his Grammy nominated “Views”. Though Drake waited until the first quarter of 2017 to drop “More Life”, it was well worth the wait. This album had every type of track you wanted. From tracks from the heart like “Teenage Fever” and “Passionfruit” to more party tracks like “Portland” ft Quavo and Travis Scott, there was something for everyone on this album. “Glow” ft Kanye West was also a great track and the Yeezy-Drizzy combo is something that should be on a stand alone album but that is wishful thinking. I would think Drake goes on a U.S tour for this album very soon

2. DAMN - Kendrick Lamar


Behind Good Kidd, M.A.A.D City, this is Kendrick Lamar’s second best piece of work. This is also one of the hardest albums to drop in the last five years. The effort Kendrick put into this album was evident on every song and he continues to show why he is the greatest rapper in the game. “Humble” was without a doubt the song of the summer and along with his hit track, he introduced us to “DNA” in which he absolutely snapped on. He took a more calming approach with “Love” ft Rihanna and later proceeded to spit some facts on “Element”. Yet another Grammy nominated hit from Kung Fu Kenny dominated 2017 but it wasn’t the best album this year.

1. Culture - Migos


An absolutely legendary album started off the year of rap in 2017. The genre dominated the world and became the most popular genre on the planet. You can thank the Migos contribution to the trap culture for that because when they dropped their hit album Culture, they changed the landscape forever. This is one of those projects that lacks a bad track and almost half the album (including the album itself) is certified platinum.

“Bad and Boujee” absolutely smashed the rap charts when it first dropped and also raised the stock of Lil Uzi Vert. “T-Shirt” was an absolute hit and “Slippery” ft Gucci Mane showed us how good Takeoff can be and how he should not be slept on. “Deadz” “Get Right Witcha”, “Brown Paper Bag”, “What the Price”, “Call Casting”, and “Kelly Price” ft Travis Scott all found their way onto the top rap charts and also found platinum and gold statuses. THIS is the album that should win the Grammy for Rap Album of the Year because of the influence it had on the game. Migos will have a hard time out doing themselves with “Culture 2” but I have no doubt in my mind it will be just as, if not better than the first one.

#YN #WritersChoiceSpotlight . @TaylorJTakeover . Written By @DerekGodown

Writers Choice Spotlight

Taylor J

Taylor J

Taylor J

Photo Via - Sicness.net

Full Name: Walter Taylor Jr.

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Height: 5 ft, 5 in.

Handedness: Right

Style: Smooth R&B melodies and vocals mixed with powerful hip-hop delivery and lyricism

Freestyle/Written: Both

Business: Scenious Society

Early Life

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, Walter Taylor Jr. (also known as Taylor J) was raised as the only child in the home by his mother, Frances Ellis. With four siblings at his father’s house, Taylor had plenty of family. However, it was his older brother who performs under the artist name ‘Renegade’,  who would grow to be his original inspiration that led to his venture into a music career. In St. Paul, Taylor grew up seeing people make their ends meet any way possible. Some worked steady jobs, some sold drugs, some robbed. Taylor knew that his route out was in music.

Taylor grew up with the bigger picture always in mind. Through school and his adolescence, he knew that he was eventually going to have to make a big move to break the mold of his environment. After his older brother was sent to jail in 2003, Taylor’s move became more obvious and he set out to fill  the void that his brother left in the music world. They kept in touch through phone conversations and visits, where Taylor would learn more about his brother’s message and vision for his movement. On top of their casual conversations, Taylor would also spit him some of the stuff he wrote which boosted his confidence and his practice. Growing up listening to Biggie, Pac, Nas, etc from his brother and his mother’s influence, he understood the roots of hip-hop when it was at its peak. As he grew and shaped himself as an artist, he became part of two local groups, Mid-west Mafia/New Era, before setting off for a more independent scene when he found his passion and enjoyment for the craft.

Taylor J

Taylor J

Photo Via - Illuminati2g

The Music

Taylor J’s overall sound incorporates a lot of different elements that keep his final projects interesting and each song a degree different than the other. In summary, Taylor brings piano keys and r&b traces and layers them with sharp hip-hop beats and precise vocals combined with a flow that ties every song together. His melodic singing works as both a filler and a main part of his songs. His vocal range plays well aside his precise delivery with his verses. When asked how he decides when and how to sing or rap, his strategy is simple. When he hears a beat he hears the whole song, when and how a certain part should be sung, what ad-libs are going to go where. It all formulates in one step in his mind and the rest of the process is simply adding the pieces.

With no background in singing, aside from his time studying music at McNally Smith College of Music, vocals come a little too naturally to Taylor. His melody mixes flawlessly with his ability to rap on top of a variety of different beats as he shows in his vast portfolio of work. His message is clear throughout his work, he states time and time again that he’s the next up and coming and is going to take over every platform on his way. His mother is a top motivator for Taylor and he proves it time and time again in his lyrics. He tells about his trials he faced on the way through music and about betrayal from those close to him, which has only motivated him to surpass them as far as possible.

They shitted on me but it made me the shit, what a wonderful feeling
— First One, Who Would’ve Thought
Taylor J

Taylor J

Photo Via - Singersroom

Taylor has worked with some of the greats in music already such as Gucci Mane(who after meeting Taylor attempted to sign him), Nipsey Hussle, Jazze Pha, Gorilla Zoe, and more. Topped off with a mentorship by the well-known, and well established Shaheem Reid; he has built himself into a veteran of the game with years of hard work. Though he is still after many features and projects with artists, his most desired has always been Andre 3000 of Outkast. Who Taylor had already had a run-in with, but under different circumstances.

One time, when i was working on a project at a studio down in Atlanta, we decided to take a break and drive to the mall, on the way we stopped at the gas station for gas and drinks and whatever. We were walking into the building when my friend nudged me and pointed out a man to the side of us who, sure enough, was Andre 3000. At first I thought it was a lookalike due to his truck not being what you’d expect to see 3 Stacks in but he was always a humble man so I wasn’t entirely surprised, he had the hat and everything. I approached him and we started choppin’ it up about music and life and everything inbetween. While we were talking for what seemed like hours he mentioned his truck needed a jump. My friends came over and helped him out and he took off. We went our separate ways to the mall and stayed in Atlanta to work more on the project. Well 2 days later we drove past the same gas station and there was Andre again at the same gas pump, this time with a brand new truck and himself looking just as new. It’s a story I’ll always remember and most people don’t believe it at first.
— Taylor J

Taylor references this run-in on the song “Impossible” in which he showcases his singing ability and also his unique flow.

I gave 3-Stacks a jump and for once I thought it was all good
— Impossible, Who Would’ve Thought

The song goes on to explain the hurdles Taylor and others have faced as artists and humans overall growing up in troubled areas. While bringing attention to these struggles we also hear throughout the song that none of this will slow or stop his movement, and it shouldn’t stop anybody else.

Recent Chronology / Favorite Tracks


F*** The World

No Good ft. Dose, Gucci Mane


Clubs, Drugs, and Hotels- 2013

2 Good

2 Door

One Time

Peer Pressure- 2014

Michael Jordan

Peer Pressure


TJ CA.jpg

Central Ave- 2015



1991 - 2015

Little Dreams

White Rain


The 91 Family- 2016

Pop Dat

Do For Me

Who Would’ve Thought- 2017

Five Times

I Kno



Scenious Society is the whole idea behind Taylor’s Takeover movement and the inspiration came from a professor at McNalley Smith which he attended. The professor spoke of the term “scenious” and its referral to being a genius of your scene, a master of adaptation and capitalism. Taylor quickly understood this concept and ran full sprint with what would grow into his entire Scenious culture.

It’s all about being aware of your scene. A modern day genius is not necessarily as much book smarts as it used to be. Not everybody is that person so you need to be able to capitalize on who you are and what you have. That goes beyond you as well. Being aware of your scene and what you can contribute/ how you can thrive it in it the important part. Scenious Entertainment covers everything because I’m going to be a master at my scene whatever it is.
— Taylor J

Taylor emphasizes in his music and in our interview that in so many cities around the world, money isn’t just out there for everyone to make. Some people need to go out and sell drugs, rob/steal, etc. just to eat or pay the rent for their family. In his song Little Dreams he stages a conversation between two friends on opposite sides of fortune, both with different options in life. This song is an example of Taylor’s elite storytelling abilities as he assured that the conversation didn’t really take place between him and a friend but it happens every day all over. I asked Taylor what he thought of this years XXL Freshman Class to which he responded,

I think it was much more focused on the youth this year, we’re at a big time where the youth is deciding what’s in as far as the media and trends all over the board. It’s all about setting those trends and making huge statements. I mean- I sound old but I’m still super young; but the difference in age between Lil’ Yachty is the exact reason our music is made the way it is. I like to respect the variety in music of all kinds and I really like where Hip-Hop is at right now, it’s dope.

Music is about keeping your footing and staying involved with the youth as well as your other crowds. Which is something the new generation of artists do very well. It’s important that people be able to see the type of person you are through your music. It’s deeper than just the sound, music is medicine. It can change your entire mood and how your day is going. That’s powerful. It’s important to stay rooted and in touch with your fans because you’ll always have a family to come back to then. Music is the only thing some people have, so you play a big role in some people’s lives.
— Taylor J

Photo Via - The Hype Magazine

Taylor’s next album, Only Us, will be coming out within the next month. After dropping his single “Feelings” the anticipation has stacked since. Feelings brought together Taylor’s delivery style from his older mixtapes combined with the powerful, clean, new production he has been working on every day for years. Taylor’s work day consists of 20 hours a day of constant work and tweaking of his products with small naps in between. When not in the studio, Taylor works hard on social media promoting his music, videos, clothing line, promotions, etc.

His music video for his song “Five Times” off of his newest album has amassed over 14k views in the 3 months it’s been up. His song “Hunnits” gathered 15k in only 2 months and the video for “No Good” feat. Gucci Mane and Dose has over 231k. His other songs range up to 40-50k as well. His online streams also stack in the thousands with his older stuff averaging 5k and his newer works hitting near the 20k mark with his newest Who Would’ve Thought quickly catching pace. 

I have been an avid fan of Taylor J since I found him while browsing Datpiff one evening a few years ago. Since then I have listened to almost all of his work and noted his progression and have yet to be disappointed with what I find. His keep-pushing mentality mixed with his veteran stature is one that demands respect. 1991 was the first mixtape I listened to and remains my favorite. A very close second is his newest Who Would’ve Thought. Every song on both of these projects provides something knew throughout. He mixes up his flow, tempo, beats, and overall themes enough throughout his projects that the new-age redundancy bore isn’t a factor when listening through.

Each song is a refreshing change from the last. A thing I appreciate most about Taylor’s music is that it appeals to two major fan bases that sometimes disagree. Those who enjoy a soft r&b melody and those who appreciate hard lyricism and strong delivery. Taylor incorporates these into songs. With something for each party and plenty for those who enjoy both. His ad-libs are strong and well inserted as well as his choruses. Overall I expect Taylor J to be a consistent name in the entertainment industry for a long time. His versatility and his motivational drive are two that cannot fail and paired with a talent like his it is bound to take off. Keep an eye out for his local tour dates and his newest album Only Us dropping very soon.