#YN Why Are You A Recording Artist? Written By @Sicksteen_216


I have been searching for a place to share my thoughts in a more detailed manner and these LinkedIn posts will be my new personal "blog". Hopefully you will find new information, think in ways you havent before, and connect with me to help me learn new things as well.

My first post, is a simple one. The topic is, "Why do you record music?" It sounds like a simple question but you would be surprised at how many artists and musicians cannot find an answer. In my opinion, this is the place you should start and revisit often to stay encouraged while creating music.

Cleveland Hip Hop Artist Claybama - In Studio

Cleveland Hip Hop Artist Claybama - In Studio

The reason I create and am involved with music is because, I am a huge fan of music, I like to express myself artistically, and I want to help other musicians who feel like me, reach their goals without the negativity the music "industry" brings.

Everyday I feel confident knowing a new person will hear my music, visit my website, or contact my company, Yesterdays Nothing, to work. I dont feel the "pressure" of trying to make it, instead I feel excited to see what new doors will open.

If you ever feel "stuck" or unmotivated in this music life, just remind yourself why you even started recording music. The answer will either help you find motivation or realize you dont even know why youre doing it.. maybe you should find out.