#YN Keep Hip Hop First! Written By @Sicksteen_216

Music is constantly evolving. No matter the genre, sound, or instruments music will be in an ever changing state. The issue comes into play, when hip hop artists feel they need other elements of music to draw a bigger fan base or create a more "acceptable" sound.

I feel as if hip hop artists today are forgetting they are just that... hip hop artists. When we begin to add other genres of music into our culture, just to be more "successful", we're missing the point. If your fan base needs to grow, the problem is not that you're "too" hip hop. Also, its not as simple as adding dub step elements to a hip hop song to convert a dub step fan into liking your music.

4EvaCle Cypher

4EvaCle Cypher

When hip hop artists add elements of other music to the culture for the sole purpose of being more successful, its clearly visible. There is a silent transfer between adding "white fans" and giving up the "integrity" of the culture. The hip hop music then changes its message from being "respect us" to "accept us".

The power in hip hop music lies in its integrity. When the pioneers of hip hop had nothing but record players and old samples, they chopped and looped them and added rhymes to create music. When the record labels didn't believe in hip hop, the artists created their own labels and opportunities. Hip hop has the power, believe in the message and carry that through your music. Never compromise and hip hop will always hold the power.

- Sicksteen