#YN #Top8Debate Who Is The Best Rap Duo? Written By @Sicksteen_216

Kobe and Shaq, Spongebob and Patrick, Tia and Tamera...

Some things just work really well with two certain people and hip hop music is no different. The chemistry, the lingo, the friendship it all comes out clear in the music and some of our favorite songs are created by hip hop duos.

Some groups are groups from the start and release all of their  music together. Some groups are born when two successful solo artists come together and make new music together. Let's look at the top 8 rap duos and how the voting tallied up at the end. 

The Top 8...

Top Row: Outkast, UGK, Clipse, Backstar

Bottom Row: AZ and Nas, Jadakiss and Styles P, Redman and Method Man, Kanye West and Jay Z

Round 1

1 Outkast Vs 8 Jay Z and Kanye West

Outkast was a clear favorite in this battle and the voters made that clear. Jay Z and Kanye West received enough votes to be nominated for the poll but not many askowneldged them as potential winners. The longevity of Outkast's career and their music compared to the single project Jay Z and Kanye released was just too great. 

2 UGK vs 7 Redman and Method Man

Bun B and Pimp C are another legendary group in this poll, one of the clear favorites. Red and Meth put a lot of time into the rap game and their careers have shown longevity as well. UGK however won the votes in a decisive fashion, their following is just too great and many respect them as one of the best rap duos ever. 

3 Clipse vs 6 Jadakiss and Styles P

The Clipse are another very popular group and although Pusha T has been solo for a while now, many still listen to their music. Jadakiss and Styles P were in a few groups with other artists as well but have a special chemistry amongst each other whenever they get on a track. This battle was the closest out of the competition but the Clipse edged it out with 53% of the votes, just 6% more than the other group. 

4 Blackstar vs Nas and AZ

Blackstar consists of Mos Def and Talib Kweli and they received lots of votes in the early process to be nominated. Their self-titled project is highly respected and the group is revered for their pro black subject matter and positive, intelligent lyricism. Nas and AZ similar to the group in the last battle, have a great chemistry when they get on a track together. Their beat selection and the vibe they add to it just make some good street music with wisdom and vocabulary to go with it. This was the first upset of the competition as Nas and AZ pulled out the victory. 

Round 2

1 Outkast vs 5 Nas and AZ

As much as people like Nas and AZ, Outkast is just too much to compete with. They took this vote by a clear margin. 

2 UGK vs 3 Clipse 

Similar to the last battle, no disrespect to the Clips but UGK was too much in comparison. UGK finished by taking 71% of the votes. 

The Final Round

And the Winner Is...

Outkast! I thought this battle would be much closer but Outkast defeated UGK by a landslide. I think the voting in this battle made it clear that the listeners minds are already made up when it comes to certain questions. The greatest rap duo of all time is Outkast, they were a favorite throughout the battle and the voters made it clear against any opposition. 

It's always interesting to see what out our followers think about hip hop music and we are always looking for new ways to make being a hip hop listener an exciting experience. Thank you to all of the voters who participated in this #Top8Debate and be sure to follow @Sicksteen_216 on Twitter to see what our competition is for March!