#YN #TrueLife How I Became a Freddie Gibbs Fan . Written By @Sicksteen_216

It's tough trying to remember when you first heard an artist...

But as I thought more and more about when I heard my first Freddie Gibbs song, it took me all the way back to 2011. Young Jeezy released a pair of mixtapes called "The Real is Back 1 and 2" and those feature verses were the first time I heard Freddie Gibbs rap. It was always interesting when Jeezy added a new artist to his roster or team because he had already made his mark and we wanted to see if he could build a legacy.

What stood out to me about Freddie Gibbs was his flow. The way he chose his words and put them over the beat was different than I heard before; he had a real aggressive style that was also lyrical and melodic at the same time. "Run DMC", "Do It For You", "Gotta See This", "Rough", "Nicks 2 Bricks", and "Sittin Low" were all the songs that FG featured on in the "Real Is Back" series. I know he was releasing music way before this but this was just my personal introduction to FG's music. 

As I started to follow Freddie Gibbs more I looked into his personal releases and found the "Cold Day in Hell" mixtape.

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs

When I think about this tape compared to his other releases, it has the most 'mixtape' feel than the others to me. But what makes this project stand out is that FG was able to still give it the cinematic feel that he would later on show with expertise on "Shadow of a Doubt"; his latest album. Some of my favorites on this mixtape were "Rob Me A Nigga", "Anything to Survive" ft Freeway, "Twos and a Fews" ft Young Jeezy, and "B.A.N.ned".

Next up, you have "Baby Face Killa" a Freddie Gibbs project that got lots of play from me and til this day still can get a full play through.


The beat selection on the first nine songs is so versatile and paints a real picture into what Freddie Gibb's style can offer. He can float over any beat and his aggression can turn into more of a passion or soulful sound to go along with the beat. I couldn't choose standouts on this project as I normally play the whole thing through, "BFK" definitely sold me as a Freddie Gibbs fan. 

Fast forward to today, Freddie Gibbs is still going strong as he recently released his album "Shadow of A Doubt" which was mentioned earlier.

With features from Tory Lanez and Gucci Mane and great mixing, cinematic skits, and all new songs; it's a very solid album. It was released in November of 2015 and is my favorite album since I've heard it, even going into 2016. 

What's also dope about Freddie Gibbs is that even though he raps about selling dope and robbing people he still has a distinct hip hop sound. He is able to collaborate with artists like Madlib and give us projects like "Cocaine Piñata" which is another very solid project and one of the best releases in recent years. Freddie Gibbs flow, vocabulary, and passion on the microphone allow him to be so versatile, as he wills his personality into each situation created by the producer. 

If you're not into Freddie Gibbs and you trust my cosign then I advise you to use any of the links above to check out some of his music. If I could put why I like Freddie Gibb's music so much into a short phrase, it would be the one below.