#YN #Top8Debate Who Is The Best Producer? Written by @Sicksteen_216

Production is the driving force of the hip hop sound...

Before the lyrics catch you, the beat is what gets your attention when you listen to a new song. The beat is the canvas for the lyrical art. At times when the lyrics aren't up to your standards, the beat can still be enough to make you continue listening.

At Yesterdays Nothing we wanted to see who the people thought was the best producer right now. First, we voted on 8 producers and placed them in a bracket. Then each producer was placed in a 24 hour voting battle with another producer and we went from 8 to number 1. Let's check out the results below. 

The Top 8...

Top Row: Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, TM88, Harry Fraud

Bottom Row: Alchemist, London on da Track, Mike Will Made It, Sonny Digital 

Round 1

1 Metro Boomin Vs 8 Sonny Digital 

Metro Boomin took the number one seed and is one of the most popular producers out today. He has a signature drop and tagline and you hear his name not only in music but online in memes and on social networks. Sonny Digital is also a very popular producer today. He has done work with Future on the Streetz Calling mixtape that really helped define both of their staple sounds. However, the winner of this battle was Metro Boomin by a considerable margin. 

2 Zaytoven Vs 7 Mike Will Made It

Zaytoven is known for his extensive catalog with Gucci Mane and is known as one of the pioneers of the trap production sound. Zay is a favorite to win this battle because of his longevity and ability to make hits. Mike Will Made It also has a lot of respect in the production community. Over the past few years, Mike Will Made It has put out crazy beats right after another and he is also able to venture into other genres. This was one of the closer battles of the tournament and the winner was Zaytoven with 57% of the votes. 

3 TM 88 Vs 6 London on da Track

TM 88 is one of the hottest producers coming out of Atlanta with the trap sound right now. Also a member of the 808 Mafia, TM 88 produced or co-produced on After That, Fetti, Showed Up, and Codeine Crazy on Future's Monster mixtape. London on da Track has a signature sound, a very melodic sound with lots of instruments being used at one time. London also is known for producing many of Young Thug's biggest songs and their chemistry is something many fans look forward to hearing. London on da Track was the winner of this battle. 

4 Harry Fraud Vs 5 Alchemist 

The trap sound is very prevalent but we also wanted to show some love to those producers who have a different approach and it is just as dope as any other sound. Harry Fraud is known for working with Curren$y, French Montana, and many other hip hop artists. His sound is original, moody, the drums connect with you but his sounds add a layer of creativity. Alchemist is a long time active producer and has worked with many of the best lyricists that the game has seen. Alchemist worked with Curren$y on the Covert Coup mixtape and recently released another joint project called 'The Carrollton Heist'. Alchemist ended up being the victor of this battle. 

Round 2

1 Metro Boomin Vs 6 London on da Track

Metro Boomin won this battle by a large margin. I thought it would have been much closer. 

2 Zaytoven Vs 5 Alchemist

Zaytoven won this battle by 1%! The 'hip hop' vs 'trap' communities were at war in this battle. 

The Final Round

And The Winner Is...

Metro Boomin! Metro won a battle of the trap producers, one a legend of the beginning and the other a young prodigy of today. One thing that really stood out to me in this battle was realizing Metro Boomin's ability to spread his name. Whether its "Metro Boomin Want Some More" or "If Young Metro Don't Trust You" he has some dope tag lines that drop right before he plays some of your favorite songs. The connection made along with that is your favorite artists are on these songs and some are even saying the taglines too.

Metro Boomin is doing very well right now and my advice for all the producers out there is to work on your craft and create an original sound, get a dope tagline or signature to represent you, connect with popular artists, and create bonds with new/upcoming artists. By doing all of these things you will be sure to make some noise and be as great as one of these producers helping to keep the hip hop sound fresh. Thank you to everyone who voted in our polls, be sure to follow @Sicksteen_216 on Twitter to stay tuned for our next #Top8Debate!

Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin