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Maximum Excellence

Cleveland, Ohio


18 year-old interstellar time traveling super hero from the future Maximum Excellence. 100000% coming soon.





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Twitter - @Kafroom35 / Instagram - @MaximumExcellence


Maximum Excellence is making his debut on Yesterdays Nothing with his latest production titled "Sapphire". Maximum Excellence has participated in our Audio Attack beat battle event and won our 4th event and placed second in our 5th event. He's a very talented producer with an original sound and you can hear it for yourself on Sapphire.

He does a very good job of combining a very smooth mellow sound with a dope percussion sound. It's almost like you want to float away on a cloud and dabb at the same time. I also like how the main sounds drop in and out and even without lyrics you can feel a beginning, middle, and end to the instrumental. Be sure to stay tuned to Maximum Excellence and contact him to work!