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Josh Thrasher

Dayton, Ohio

Josh Thrasher

Josh Thrasher


Josh Thrasher from the #TakeNotes team linked up $teven Cannon for this new track! Be on the lookout for more collaborations from these two both putting on for Ohio.

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The #TakeNotes camp is back again with more dope music, you have to respect their work ethic. Reppin Dayton, Ohio, Josh Thrasher is back with $teven Cannon with their new banger 'No Chill'. This is that turn up, work ya wrist, get money music. Sounds a little different from what I've heard from Josh in the past but its still good nonetheless.

I Love the versatility, the beat is A1, has a trap sound but still keeps a unique party vibe. $teven Cannon adds a nice complementary verse as well and the song comes together full circle. Perfect for a house party or driving around with your friends. Be sure to check out #NoChill and stay tuned to the #TakeNotes camp, they are always working!