#YN 12 of My Favorite Songs of 2015 . Written By @Sicksteen_216

Christmas is here...

Dabbin Santa

Dabbin Santa

And I decided to get into the spirit and share some new music with you. All of these songs may not have been released in 2015 but this is the year I discovered the music. Not all of them are hip hop either, these are just songs I've come across this year and I haven't stopped playing them yet.    Let's jump right into it...

1. M.E.N. - Tink and DJ Dahi

I am a HUGE DJ Dahi fan, I love his beats and the feeling that comes along with his production. Earlier this year I was introduced to Tink's music and I began listening to tracks from her mixtapes and features. When I came across the song "M.E.N." (pause) I was instantly hooked. The beat is just relaxing, soothing and any time I hear it I mellow out. Tink wrote a great song as well about the fishy things men do. Although they don't apply to me, she made some good points. Overall, a really good song!

2. Stole - Anne Marie (Chloe Martini Re-Fix)

Chloe Martini is a very talented producer I came across this year and I began looking up all of her works. Not only does she produce but she does Remixes or 'Re-Fixes' of songs as well. The way she flipped the sound on this Anne-Marie track "Stole" caught my attention immediately. The beat just really makes the song come alive, the instruments she put together create the perfect ensemble. Anne-Marie did an amazing job on the vocals as well, her voice compliments the music to make a seamless collaboration. 

3. Oh My / Dis Side - Travis Scott and Quavo

Travis Scott really broke out this year, received a lot of attention, and released his album Rodeo. "Oh My / Dis Side" was one of the first songs I heard from the album and I was blown away. The first half of the song is crazy, the beat drops and sing song lyrics are really catchy. Add Quavo from the Migos ad libbing and singing along as well and you got a banger. Then... The beat switches up and you're introduced to another song and melody. It's crazy, the song switch thing isn't new but this is one of my favorite songs to use that approach. Travis Scott, Quavo, 2 dope beats, 1 song, epic. 

4. You Cant Hang With Us - Key!

I don't think this song is "new" so some of you may have been hip a while ago. I was scrolling Soundcloud this year and came across it and its still in the rotation. This one is a 'noahxzark edit' so its not the original, its slowed down and has some added effects. The chorus is dope it has that bragging, arrogant swagger you get when you listen to rap music. The beat is wavy, real smooth, you can just let it play and get lost in the music. 

5. Hollyweezy - Lil Wayne

A lot of people said Lil Wayne fell off and he would never get back to his prime level of rapping. Hollyweezy is a vintage Lil Wayne track and should answer any questions as to whether he can still make a dope song or not. Lil Wayne's beat selection isn't always great but he came across a dope beat this time. The piano keys, bass line, its a dope beat that also transforms as the song goes on and allows Lil Wayne to change his tempo. Lyrically, its crazy, Lil Wayne tells the stories of living in Hollywood and his hometown Hollygrove. The ups and downs of living lavish and grinding on the come up. To me this song lets us know, at least for now, he still got it. 

6. Wood Would - Young Thug

Young Thug is probably my favorite artist of 2015. I really got into his music and I think I understand it better so he's constantly in rotation. "Wood Would" is so dope to me because of the beat, its another great mix of originality and soothing, wavy sounds. Also, the format, the way Young Thug layers the hook, ad-libs, verse, bridge, its just dope. You don't hear a lot of artist put their songs together the way Young Thug does and to me its a breath of fresh air. 

7. Say It - Tory Lanez

When I saw the flier and the song title I thought this would just be another new hyped artist. So I listened to it but I was way off. The beat sample is godly, produced by Pop & Oak, they did an amazing job, Im still impressed. Add to that Tory Lanez ability to float over the beat and add a catchy melody to his hooks and verses and you got a banger. This is a song I've played back to back 3 times or more, its that infectious.

8. Milly Rock - 2 Milly

The waviest dance of 2015, the Milly Rock. Just like everything else on this list, as soon as I heard the beat, and the song format I was hooked. It has that 'NY sound' that has kind of gone away recently for more of a Southern sound but thats why I like it. When you see the video and everyone Milly Rocking it just has that New York look and feel that I've always respected. This one is like an anthem, it just makes you feel good when it comes and you want to have a good time. 

9. All We Need - Odesza (Troy Samuela Remix)

I honestly forgot how I came across this song but its still on my likes playlist on Soundcloud. Troy Samuela like Chloe Martini, does remixes to songs and the new beat gives the track a brand new flavor and sound. I love the edits made on the beat as the bounce and vibe make you want to dance or cool out whatever you feel at the time. Odesza adds soothing vocal sounds and a catchy hook to match and you have 3:18 of magic. 

10. Nevermind the End - Tei Shi (Saint Pepsi Remix)

Just like the last song I honestly don't remember where I found this one but it's still one of my favorite songs to listen to today. Saint Pepsi remixed the beat, I think the original is much slower but this one has a mellow hype sound. Along with the positive, uplifting lyrics its a song you play when you want to relax or let your mind wander. You can get lost in the sounds and the feeling of happiness that comes with it, you'll never want it to end. 

11. Wiz Khalifa - No Permission 

Wiz really caught me off guard with this one because he went away from his signature sound. This trippy, wavy beat reminds me of the beats he used to rap over in the Kush and Orange Juice and Star Power days. Wiz is one of my favorite artists because of the mood he creates when he hops on the right beat and adds his signature layers and vocals. No Permission is quick trip back to those days and I hope he's able to keep producing this sound on a more consistent basis. 

12. Things and Such - PartyNextDoor 

Originally titled 'Kehlani's Freestyle', I love this song for the honesty in the lyrics. The song sounds like a stream of consciousness, just someone sharing their thoughts about their relationship and life status. Unfiltered running thoughts and ideas, it makes me think about where I have been and life and where I'm going. Add to that a soothing melodic beat with a heavy bass knock.  It also feels good to know you're not alone if you ever stop to just question things. 

There you have it...

Thanks for reading along, I also posted the links to all of the songs so you can listen to them as well. Let me know what you think and enjoy your holiday season!