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Josh Thrasher

Dayton, Ohio

Josh Thrasher

Josh Thrasher


Josh Thrasher has been making music 2001 and it shows in his new JumpMan Freestyle. The song is a soundcloud exclusive and the first of Josh Thrasher's weekly soundcloud freestyles. Enjoy!

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Josh Thrasher is back again on Yesterdays Nothing for the second week in a row, gotta respect the hustle. This time he jumps on Future and Drake's 'Jumpman' beat and drops his own freestyle version. This is set to be the first of many weekly Soundcloud freestyles so stay tuned. 

If you're hip to Josh Thrasher, his confidence, humor and ability to ride the beat is nothing new. On this one he does a great job of keeping the track interesting with his voice changes and he delivers non stop punchlines. If you need to hear a quick turn up, something fun and original, be sure to check out Josh Thrasher's Jumpman Freestyle on Soundcloud. #TakeNotes!