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Young Troubled Minds

Pro Young and Au


YTM is a fresh-faced brotherly duo from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Between talents of Pro Young and Au, these Young Troubled Minds have become self-sufficient in producing, writing, recording, and mixing all of their music. In having such creative control within their music, these brothers together have created a classic sound in music.

Two years after their last album ("Nzuri Giza"), they recently released their sophomore solo ep entitled "One Big Session;" an all new vantage point to what it means to be high. In those two years, Pro and Au have gone through serious artist development; all that you see and hear now is the result of their growth and dedication.

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The epitome of a perfectionist. Good has been active as an artist for 4 consistent years. Born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio. Good discovered his love for music at an early age, finding individualism, lyrics enabled the expression of himself in a creative, passionate way. 

His moniker, ‘Good’, is a play-off of his energy. No matter the track, location or destination he’s GOOD in any avenue that is presented. Good has a very special way of intriguing listeners with word-play and leaving them in awe from his delivery. 

Good is known as the 'grind-type' ; Forever working and never resting. Currently, Good is in process of completing a media run and also releasing multiple visuals from the newly released EP, '30 Day Supply'. As always, ClevelandGood.com !

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Hero, begin to pay his dues in the year 1996 doing shows throughout the communities of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County. He has performed on various stages for radio stations (POWER 96, HOT 105, and 99 JAMZ). Hero was also featured on BET’s 106 and Park and was invited to be a part of BET’s RAP-IT-UP Road Tour. Hero, was recently pick by: "The Hip-hop Head Foundation" out of (New York) to do a song in honor for a Hip-Hop Icon: "KRS1" which will be placed on a major compilation coming soon so stay tuned..Hero, continues to stay busy in the studio working currently on his next coming album titled: "Made From Scratch" with his latest single "Fight" as one of the next hit single's from the coming album.

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