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Tae Miles

Twitter - @TaeMilesCLE / Instagram - @TaeMilesCLE

New music from Tae Miles as he recently released his new mixtape, "The Adventures of the Wahoo Village Warrior or #TAOTWVW. I have been watching Tae Miles work for a few years now and he truly has a style of his own. He brings singing, rapping, melodies, and a very original set of beats out whenever he drops. He performs all around the city and is currently performing on a tour in other cities nationwide as well. Be sure to check out #TAOTWVW below and stay tuned for more from Tae Miles.

DJ NuEra

Twitter - @DJNuEra / Instagram - @DJNuEra

DJ Nu Era is dope, hard working DJ out of the Cleveland area. He takes pride in knowing the basics and technical parts of DJ'ing, and he also takes time to pass his skills to the youth as well. #BeyondCLE is a series DJ Nu Era has been working with for a while now and his third installment is not a disappointment. #BeyondCLE3 showcases DJ Nu Era's talents in finding new music, blending, and creating a brand new experience with his tapes. Be sure to check out #BeyondCLE3 and stay tuned to DJ Nu Era.