#YN Free Weezy Album Review . Written By @Sicksteen_216

So I was on twitter,

and a few people asked me if I heard the new Lil Wayne album and my opinion on the music. I got inspired to write a full review of the album just because Lil Wayne is my favorite artist and I wanted to try something different. Why Not?

The Cover Art


I don't really like the cover art, I think its boring. Especially compared to his other covers. 

.....but its not really that important either. 

Track 1 . Glory

Glory is the perfect track to start the album off because it follows the pattern of a lot of Lil Wayne album intros. He picks a crazy beat and raps over its for like 4 or 5 minutes. The beat is perfect in a way that its specifically made for Wayne to just spaz over it for however long he wants. Its a bar fest and a way to show his flow off as he combines certain words back to back very quickly and fits it all over the beat seamlessly. 

Holy Shxt I’m the holy shxt, god’s manure.
— Lil Wayne
Im hotter than Honolulu, my clothes and socks and shoes new, I been the boo boo since ga ga goo goo and Dada FUBU.
— Lil Wayne
Lost in the shoo shooing, and who’s whoing’ I lost influence, lost my point of view til I found a mirror start talking to it
— Lil Wayne

Track 2. He's Dead

This track has a sample over the hook and instantly reminded me of those old songs on Lil Wayne's empire mixtapes. It's not a bad sound but it does sound a little dated. Also, many people have a knock against Lil Wayne and that being he doesn't make song with concepts. So this song should make all of those naysayers happy as this track does have a consistent theme. The Cash Money Lil Weezy is dead and gone and he's transitioning to a new period. It's not a bad song but its not the best its ok. 

Ask how I’m living, I can’t complain, like it’s hot in hell but it never rains.
— Lil Wayne
Rest in Peace to the Cash Money Weezy gone but not forgotten.
— Lil Wayne

Track 3. I Feel Good

Beats are always a topic of concern when it comes to Lil Wayne music as he can rap over anything but that doesn't mean that he should. I Feel Good samples the sounds from the original song "I Feel Good" by James Brown including the horns and melody. It's creative, its different, its something new but I don't really like it. It sounds a little forced as in attempting to show "artistry" or "maturity" by using the James Brown sample in my opinion. It also makes it hard to listen for the bars because even if he has some dope lines the beat makes it hard to pay attention. 

Track 4. My Heart Races On 

Another sample over the chorus here, once again not a big fan of it but it doesn't sound bad. I feel like this album is for all the people who say Lil Wayne can't make a "mature" or "consistent" album. It sounds like an attempt to make more grown up music instead of his usual rapid fire rambling bars. The concept here is when life brings you ups and downs you have to stay along for the ride. No matter what happens we're all looking for the meaning of life and what inspires us to keep moving .

I just hope my contribution will be memorized.
— Lil Wayne
What are we running from? The police because they already killed enough of us. Stay out them streets because they don’t fk with us they hunting us. We in a race against colors thats a color run.
— Lil Wayne

Track 5. London Roads

Now, a beat that sounds like that new wave, this London Roads track is nice. "We Got London on the Track" does not disappoint. The beat has a smooth, mellow eerie sound that is perfect to just float over. Lil Wayne brings sounds more comfortable on this song compared to the previous ones as he can talk his regular talk while just cruising over the beat. Easily the best track so far, and one of my favorites on the album. 

I got that yay and that la di da di da and a kamikaze squad and you chicken parmesan. I’m a free man like I come from Amistad, no I come from Hollygrove turning o’s to octagons,
— Lil Wayne
Boy you go zero to sixty i go one and two zeroes, pedal to the metal, I call it rose gold, lord all I know i paper, big fat money rolls, look how big my safe is, that bish got double doors.
— Lil Wayne

Track 6. I'm That Nigga

Once again, the beat loses me. This one sounds like a dance track or maybe something that they listen to in New Orleans. Im not saying its anything wrong with it but to rap over it, it doesn't sound right to me. The bars aren't really that good, its not one I'm going to play that often. 

Track 7. Psycho

Psycho once again has a sample over the instrumental, a consistent theme on the album so far. The beat isn't bad, I like how it starts and I like the first half of the first verse of the song but the rest of it not so much. The concept of the song is how crazy Wayne is in love with his girl and I get it... but I just don't like how it sounds. But to his credit he stays consistent to the crazy over his girl theme throughout the whole song, so those who asked for concepts and focus, you got it. 

I smell her panties while she in the bathroom and taste whatever she left in them.
— Lil Wayne

Track 8. Murda 

Murda has Junior Reid on the hook and has that Jamaican gangsta rap vibe. This is the first posse cut on the track and it features Cory Gunz and Capo. It may sound like I'm saying this a lot but this is another track that doesn't sound bad but doesn't really do much for me. The beat is cool and Cory Gunz brings a nice feature verse, its just not one I see myself playing a lot. 

Pray to god you see tomorrow nope, they gave my nigga thirty for a jar of dope, I’ll do a nigga dirty with a bar of soap.
— Cory Gunz

Track 9. Thinking Bout You

This one sounds more like Lil Wayne's style as far as the beat and song structure. The beat is ok, but its one of those beats Lil Wayne can take and make it sound really good, I don't think many artists could take this instrumental and make it a banger. Wayne always sounds most comfortable when he can just say what he wants and change his flow up as often as he chooses. This one's for the mixtape Weezy. 

Track 10. Without You

Now as far as the concept songs go I think this is the best one on the album so far. Wayne gets a beautiful feature from Bibi Bourelly who laces the chorus. The hook is well written and since isn't a sample provides a more personal feel to the words than some of the other tracks. It's basically about Wayne's feelings towards seeing an ex girlfriend that he wishes things worked out with in the past. It's a story that's been told several times before but for an artist like Lil Wayne who says "M.O.B." its interesting to hear another side of him and he does a good job at showing the vulnerability. 

I done gave up my soul, gave up my pride, taped up my heart, and wiped off my eyes without you.. without you.
— Bibi Bourelly
You got a new one, I wish you well then I bite my nails I think I might hear wedding bells.
— Lil Wayne
I wish I could go back in time, and fix my lack of time, cuz back then I had to grind but see you thought I’d rather grind.
— Lil Wayne

Track 11. Post Bail Ballin

I gotta say this is my favorite song on the album. The beat is dope, nothing throwaway and Wayne goes crazy with the flow. Rapid fire from start to finish, the way the words go together and the beat breaks down it's perfection. Hook is solid, very catchy with the singing elements. There is some variation but the concept is pretty consistent, Wayne is out of jail and he's right back to getting money. He's also thinking about how his life as changed since the career moves with Cash Money. It just has the full package, beat, flow, hook, concept, lyrics everything, crazy!

You observing it, I’m absorbing it, judge mad cuz a nigga make more than him, ignoring him, I know you can’t ignore the rims, I’m going in til I’m pouring in more than M’s.
— Lil Wayne
I got larger wheels on my automobile, I lost an appeal, the bullshxt brought me to tears, I bought me a crib, strapped when its dark in that bish, and through hell and high water I walk over a bridge.
— Lil Wayne

Track 12. Pull Up

This song reminds me of "I'm That Nigga" in that it doesn't really have a place on the album to me. Wayne trades bars with Euro and they don't really have a topic just going in, rapping really fast. The problem is the bars are just ok and the beat is kind of forgettable too so its just sounds like a lot of rapping. Once again, I'm not trying to sound negative it's just my observations. 

Track 13. Living Right

Living Right is the exact opposite of Pull Up. The beat is dope, has a sound that is current but isn't an exact copy of anything out there. Wayne and Wiz Khalifa also have a good chemistry on the track so when their verses and hook go back and forth it all goes together. The word of the post is "comfortable" and once again it sounds like Wayne is more comfortable on this track because he has freedom to do what he wants. One of the best songs on the album. 

I make money not exceptions
— Lil Wayne

Track 14. White Girl 

Young Jeezy makes a feature on White Girl and it makes sense but I haven't heard Jeezy on a song in a while. Nothing wrong with that though, he did his thing as he usually does. Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy have a few nice songs together so its already a chemistry there. If you put them on a nice trap beat it just works out into a dope song as a result. It's almost like the momentum of the last song follows into this one. 

Track 15. Pick Up Your Heart

Pick up your heart has an amazing beat, S/O to the producer on this one. The instrumental has a chill yet uptempo vibe and the composition is just very original compared to what is popular today. The beat could stand alone without any lyrics and still work. As far as the lyrics go, Wayne put together a good song, the flow over the beat helps a lot. It's something you can just vibe out to at the least. At the end he goes on some random rant about people on the stairs and sprinkles. I don't get it but it probably means something. 

I moved to Cali, had to leave the beach alone, and you can call me what you want just don’t call me on speaker phone.
— Lil Wayne
Perfect attendance on the block I’m booming, when it’s cold, when it’s rainy, when it muggy, when it’s hot, when it’s humid.
— Lil Wayne

I give the Free Weezy Album 7.5/10,

it's that "complete" album people have always wanted from Lil Wayne. It has the concepts, it has the subject matter, it has songs where he raps about one thing the entire time. It also has those songs where he can just go crazy and do this thing, so its a little of both for everyone. I personally would have wanted more songs with up to date beats, better features, and letting him just rap about what he wants. The structured songs are cool but a lot of them are average at best. The standout songs on the album are the songs that let Lil Wayne have freedom and go over a crazy beat. I would recommend checking the album out, you're going to find at least 1 or 2 songs you like if not more. If there is a Carter 5 dropping the Free Weezy Album was a good anticipation builder.