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Tha Captain 

Twitter - @Captain216 / Instagram - @Captain216

New music video from Cleveland's own, Tha Captain with his video for R.I.C.O. S/O Willflame on the video shoot, he did a great job capturing all of the footage. I have been watching Tha Captain for a few months now and he has a following and has performed at some big shows. Stay tuned to what he has in store next!

Kipp Stone

Twitter - @Kipp_Stone / Instagram - @Kipp_Stone

Kipp Stone is back with his new music video "30FTALL". The video was also shown on Complex which has gained Kipp Stone a major buzz. Kipp Stone has been original to himself and his lyricism and that is something I have always respected. Be sure to check out his new video as he's back spitting flames over a crazy beat!