#YN Future's Crazy Run From Monster to Dirty Sprite 2 by @Sicksteen_216

Waddup, it's Sicksteen back again...

fresh off of the Lil Wayne "Free Weezy Album" review. The streets said they liked the last review and wanted more so I decided to follow up with 

One of the hottest artists of 2015 is none other than...



from the first time I heard his music I was a fan and I knew he would become famous because of his originality. Future has a style of creating songs that just stands out from the rest and it's catchy, vivid, fun, all of the above. Now, some people don't see it that way and they think Future mumbles when he raps and he always raps about the same thing. The purpose of this blog is to show you how much Future varies his approach when he drops his music. 



Monster was a project Future used to make a bold statement to a few audiences. I feel like it was a chance to give his fans new music, and experiment with his sound by using production primarily by Southside, TM88, and Metro Boomin. Future also uses the Monster mixtape to speak on his status with Ciara and his mental state regarding the situation.

Overall its a big project, there is a wide range of topics being covered from your underground freestyle type songs to big major singles and the emotional singing trap ballads. The sound has a majority of a "trap" feel but song adds more to the production to make it sound "bigger". The production on this mixtape sounds like bando music being made out of a million dollar studio. It has more of an "album" feel to it than the other mixtapes listed here and that helps it stand out from the rest of his catalog. 

My Top 5 Songs 

1. Throw Away

2. 2 Pac

3 Mad Luv

4. Fk Up Some Commas

5. Fetti 

Beast Mode

Beast Mode

Beast Mode was the follow up to Monster and brought an entirely different feel than the previous project. This mixtape only has 9 songs on it compared to 16 songs on the Monster mixtape. This release seemed less like a statement or something to prove but rather like a release of artistic expression. The songs don't sound like throwaways from the last tape because they have a completely different vibe and because the production is handled primary by Zaytoven. 

Zaytoven is a production legend and has a signature sound that even stands out no matter where you hear it. I think he brings a more uptempo, dance vibe to Future's music and it gives it radio or club play quality. Future and Zaytoven make a great duo because Zaytoven's production makes use of uniques sounds and on beat and off beat rhythms. Combine that with Future's varying flow and rapping and singing and you have very original, fun, different music. 

My Top 5 Songs

1. Lay Up

2. Peacoat

3. Real Sisters 

4. Ooooooooh

5. Foreva Eva

56 Nights 

56 Nights

56 Nights... this is the one that generated the buzz you see today. Future was hot, Future was already making dope music but when 56 Nights dropped it's like he said, "hard work came together with perfect timing." It's like 56 Nights came with a fresh new sound that everyone was waiting for.

The production had a dark, moody, trap sound that made it stand out from a majority of what you were listening to at the time. Also, production was handled primary by Southside who did an amazing job putting the mixtape together. The tracks changed mood from club, to introspective, to hard it's just a crazy blend of sounds. 56 Nights was similar to Beast Mode to me in that it was dropped for artistic expression. Future had a new sound and some new material he wanted to give to his fans, there wasn't much here in the way of publicity stunts or drama but just some new dope music. 

My Top 5 Songs

1. Never Gon Lose

2. No Compadre

3. March Madness

4. Trap Niggas

5. 56 Nights

Dirty Sprite 2

Dirty Sprite 2

Dirty Sprite 2 is the hottest album of the year so far. No other artist has garnered as much attention and buzz for a release than Future and the album is a culmination of all of the mixtapes that dropped before it. Like I said in the beginning, the point of this blog is to show the diversity and purpose in Future's music and Dirty Sprite 2 has its own purpose as well. 

Dirty Sprite 2 was Future's platform to tell a much bigger audience about himself and his situation. Not only were his long time fans anticipating this album but he had something to prove to his new fans as well. Future leaves no questions about his feelings on Ciara and he's in a mindset to keep making music, keep making money, and keep doing lots of drugs. 

The previous mixtapes had a purpose of informing his fans, experimenting with music, and releasing his creativity. The album takes each of these ideas and combines them and pushes them to the highest level possible. On Dirty Sprite 2 you have some songs collected from the previous mixtapes, you have a collaboration with Drake, some club and radio hits, and even an introspective song that speaks on 56 nights DJ Esco had to do in prison. 

My Top 5 Songs

1. Where Ya At

2. Lil One

3. Blow A Bag 

4. Freak Hxe

5. Rich $ex

In Conclusion...

I think Future's music and approach is very unique and it's very fun to watch how the continues to keep his fans captivated and stuck on whatever he drops. I hope I did a good job in showing how I think Future drops very versatile music and not just the "same old thing". Thanks for reading, let me know what you think below!