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Johnny KA$H

Cleveland, Ohio

Johnny KA$H

Johnny KA$H


The first track from the rap collective Bad Influence Crew a.k.a B.I.C. This track features two of the groups members Johnny KA$H and C Dub The Illest. This is just the beginning, both are looking to drop solo tracks pretty soon. Twitter Johnny @WhoHasTheLoud, C Dub @Beast_fromdaCLE. IG Johnny @johnny_kvsh, C Dub @cdub_theillest

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Twitter - @WhoHasTheLoud / Instagram - @Johnny_Kvsh


Johnny Ka$h and C Dub the Illest link up to bring you "Fly" a new track from the group "Bad Influence Crew". The production is dope, has a real hip hop feel with the loop and the sampled sounds on the beat. Reminds you of those "Golden Era" hip hop beats with your favorites artists trading verses. Both Johnny Ka$h and C Dub bring dope verses and positive messages in the new song. They remind you to always stay focused, dedicated, and hopeful for the future, the only way to achieve your goals.