#YN Top Ten Mixtapes Debate Wrap-Up by @Sicksteen_216


Its Sicksteen here with some new information regarding our top ten mixtapes vote. As a refresher, a few weeks back Yesterdays Nothing polled Twitter. We wanted to find the top ten mixtapes of all time and had each voter submit 3 of their top mixtapes. The voters were people from all locations, who liked all different genres, and were in different age groups. The results of the top ten mixtapes with the most votes are below,

Yesterdays Nothing Top Ten Mixtapes Results

(In order from left to right, No Ceilings 1, More About Nothing 10)

Solid list...

In my opinion, these are all mixtapes you should/could have in rotation. I also think it showed the taste of the average hip hop listener and what music stands over the test of time. Clearly Lil Wayne is everyones favorite mixtape artist as he has three projects on this list and the most recent one dropped in 2009.

Another stand out to me was Young Jeezy's Trap or Die mixtape. I would have this in my top three mixtapes of all time just because of the buzz I saw the mixtape generate when it was first released. Every car, every party, every where you went they were playing Young Jeezy and we were in Cleveland, Ohio so when you talk about one of the biggest street buzzes ever, I think Trap or Die is in the conversation. 

A few people had an issue with Acid Rap being on the list and I would have disagree because at the time that it dropped it stood out on its on by a long shot. With Chance the Rapper's adlibs and beat selection and style of rapping it was a project that caught and held your attention for at least few weeks. Chance also had a few tracks where he went introspective and into reality about the violence and lifestyle in Chicago. Acid Rap was a fresh sound and look which is something we really needed at the time. 

Once again, thanks for everybody that voted in the mixtapes poll. We here at Yesterdays Nothing are going to continue to do things like this to support the hip hop movement and include everyone fans and artists in the discussion. Be sure to follow @Sicksteen_216 and @Yesterdays0 on Twitter, thanks for reading!