#YN Drake.. Future.. What Could Go Wrong? by @Sicksteen_216

Earlier on Twitter...

The TL was in an uproar over the new Drake and Future mixtape titled "What A Time to Be Alive".  The tape was a rumor for a few weeks with different covers popping up and the speculation was high. I was a proponent of the music but at the same time I try to be completely honest when I hear it. On paper a Drake and Future mixtape sounds like pure fire but I thought #WATTBA was just ok... It didn't really wow me like I thought it would, kind of underwhelming. 


For one Future has been putting out A LOT of music as of late and even though Dirty Sprite 2 was  dope, I hear some remnants of that sound on the new mixtape. The production on #WATTBA sounds like beats that didn't make Dirty Sprite 2 and Im not saying the production is bad it just doesn't have that impact crazy trap beats should have. Live From the Gutter being the only exception, its a perfect blend of piano keys, eerie sounds, and trap percussion. 

Another thing I noticed on this project was Drake didn't seem to be comfortable on the tracks. Drake always has a commanding sound in his music, as if he alone is controlling the pace and the beat and other artists are following his lead. On #WATTBA however it seems as if Drake doesn't know how to take the lead or where the concept of the project is going. He raps, he ad-libs, he does his thing but it sounds more to me like he was "trying" to fit the trap mold instead of being himself. 

Overall, the reception of the mixtape has been great, I've seen the cover posted all over twitter and instagram and its been what everyone has been talking about for most of the day. Future has solidified himself as one of the hottest rappers in the game this year. He elevated from a trap rapper who can make bangers to working with Kanye West, writing for Beyoncé and dropping mixtapes with Drake.

Drake on the other hand has a little something to prove. His core fan base knows what Drake is capable of at his best and deep down they want to see him go back to the "old Drake". The Drake that was vulnerable, introspective, and insightful not so arrogant and stuck on money and fame. 30 for 30 Freestyle is the last track on the new mixtape and very promising looking towards the future. Its produced by 40, Drake is snapping in the way he knows best and he covers those topics we want to hear. Im hopeful for Drake dropping something fresh and Views from the 6 is coming soon. All we can do is #WaitOnIt.