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Mile$ Grant

Jacksonville, Florida


My name is Mile$ Grant I'm 19 , I'm an aspiring artist I enjoy writing songs and making beats. I make beats on FL Studio 11 and Logic X.

Social Networks

Twitter - @WhosMilesGrant / Instagram - @WhosMilesGrant


Mile$ Grant is back again on Yesterdays Nothing following his previous release "The Nike Snare EP". His new project is a 7 track beat tape called "Pass the Aux" Mile$ Grant is a rapper as well as a producer and it's a great opportunity to see what he brings to the table as a beat maker. 

The best thing I like about Mile$ Grant new beat tape is the fact he has his own style. None of the beats sound like he's copying the hottest thing on the radio or used the hottest sound kits. He really creates his own vibes and melodies with the beats and as you listen you can get a feel for his sound and the tape overall. Mile$ Grant also includes snippets from basketball games and commentaries to help bring the tape even more to life. If you're into original sounds and someone not afraid to try something new, give Pass the Aux a listen today.