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Saginaw, MI


16 year old rapper Boom is from Saginaw, Michigan. With over 700k plays on his SoundCloud, Boom is looking for the hole to get notice. Boom is also preparing to drop his first solo mixtape "Never Gave A F*ck" with DJ Campus Legend & RJ Lamont in January 2016. Check more of his music out at www.soundcloud.com/hbkboom.

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Twitter - @HBKBoom / Instagram - @HBKBoom


First new music post of the year, and we have a new music video from Boom, hip hop artist out of Saginaw, Michigan. 'Homecoming' is great music video, the first thing that caught my attention was the clarity of the visuals and the engineering of the song. The music video is simple yet it holds your attention. Boom has an original look and sound and it makes you want to keep watching to see what he is about. Not to mention he's having a really good time performing.

The song itself its nice as Boom produces a fire beat and adds some nice singing vocals and ad-libs to match. The hook.. well it speaks for itself. Boom has some trust issues he is trying to work out regarding the women in his life. Be sure to check out the 'Homecoming' music video and stay tuned to Boom as he plans to put Saginaw on the map.