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Pennie Austin

Houston, Texas


19 Year old rapper from the Northside of Houston. Dropped out of college to seriously pursue my music career. By 18 I taught myself how to engineer my own music and shoot my own videos. Royal Treatment II was my first self produced project dropped under Knowlife Records.

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New project from Houston, Texas hip hop artist Pennie Austin titled 'Royal Treatment 2' here and its a well put together project. Pennie did an awesome job of choosing the beats for this project as each one has a heavy bass knock and original melody sounds that really stand out. Pennie also does a good job of adding layers of vocals, adlibs, and vocal changes that help keep the tracks alive.

You can hear the hunger and confidence in his voice as he rhymes and it helps you follow his story or help apply it to your own life. 'Live From the H' is the first track I chose to listen to and a perfect example of everything listed in the recap. Dope beats, energetic lyrics, and the result is a dope song. Royal Treatment 2 is a solid piece of work, take some time and listen today.