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Cleveland, Ohio


Starting off the new year right. After a year of preparation I'm back and so much better. Check out "I Got This" (Prod. by James Drew) REPOST and tag #CatchTheWave2016.


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New music here from Cleveland, Ohio hip hop artist Philosopher with his latest single "I Got This". Philosopher does a great job of setting a smooth, relaxing vibe on this track by choosing a wavy beat and singing delivery for his chorus and a little on the verse. The beat is produced by James Drew who provides a smooth percussion track along with a slow, moody synth melody.

The lyrics on the song are all motivational, confident proclamations about the future and describing visuals of the life one can live when everything falls into place. The line "What the F..k is a day off?" is a perfect example of the feeling Philosopher is bringing to us. Working hard, expecting a positive future, all the while acknowledging the hard work it takes to make it happen. Be sure to check out "I Got This" today, the perfect song to chill out to and be uplifted by at the same time.