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New music here from Ken10, producer out of Philadelphia with his new beat tape 'Time'. First of all, big ups to Ken10 for releasing a beat tape. I think its a great form of promotion that more producers should utilize. 'Time' is in one word, progressive. It has hip hop elements but it also has sequences and sounds that take it into seemingly other genres. A great example of this is the track 'TUDM' which has an eerie feel, yet has a bounce to it that would sound great with lyrics. 

Another solid track is the finale 'Midnight'. This track has a Kanye West feel to me, its soulful yet has hip hop elements a perfect blend. It also adds lots of different instrumentation to the construction of the beat. You hear drums, a guitar, vocal samples, snares, shakes. It's a lot going on but it comes together seamlessly. 

Be sure to check out 'Time' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!