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New music here from RaH, hip hop artist out of Los Angeles with his new single 'Black Lambo'. Rah links with the well known DJ Khaled for this release and delivers a high quality visual. I like the use of the dark colors throughout the video the night time scenery and mood really fit the song. The beat is smooth yet heavy and the lyrics remind me of a Weeknd song its mellow yet impactful at the right times. 

Today hip hop has a new sound and its a blend of rapping and r and b vibes. RaH does a great job of exemplifying this with 'Black Lambo'. It's the best of both worlds in a time where fans are drawing to music that not only has that hard hip hop sound but the smooth mellow sounds as well. Be sure to check out Rah's music video 'Black Lambo' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!