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Cleveland, Ohio

Black Diamond Silver Lining

Black Diamond Silver Lining

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Mixtape Review

1. Bama Go

Clay'Bama makes a smooth introduction with the lead track 'Bama Go'. The production is melodical and upbeat, you can relax or turn up to it depending how you feel. There is a lot of depth to Clay'Bama's music so it's only right he eases you into hearing his message.

2. Fe Fi Fo

In contrast to the opening track, 'Fe Fi Fo' showcases Clay'Bama's rapid fire signature flow. He's clear and confident with his words and delivers the message with passion. Jul Big Green adds another layer to the track with his guitar playing and vocals on the chorus. The rap / rock blend really works effortlessly here.

3. Can I Breathe

Clay'Bama is versatile in his delivery and shows that in this spoken word style verse. Can I Breathe is an open letter to the world, it's Clay'Bama venting about the problems he sees today. The frustrations he had from seeing the steps of the repeated cycle of habits that place Black people in unfavorable positions. Definitely a stand out track, Can I Breathe really makes you reflect on society today and in the future.

4. Non-Violent?

Clay'Bama had a great ear for beats and 'Non-Violent?' will instantly grab you with its unique sounds and hard hitting percussion elements. The message comes at the perfect time where violence is out of control and police are killing unarmed citizens. We have lost basic humanity and respect for each other and Clay'Bama presents the options we have if we could be non violent.  Life is so much better working together than harming each other.

5. Let My People Go

Balance is important in life and even regarding spirituality. 'Let My People Go' speaks about retaining your individuality and perspective in life. As people, we are motivated to follow those figures we believe in but this can be used against our favor. Clay'Bama advises to follow the cause we stand for and not people to stay focused.

6. Silver Lining

Like an interlude, Silver Lining is a short break away from the heavy instrumentation. Clay'Bama brings a nice flow to spoken word subject matter over an orchestra type beat. This verse is like a reminder to himself and the listeners what Clay'Bama's personal goal is with the music. He wants to bring success to himself and his family and show and example that will lead to positive change.

7. It's Bama

Another example of Clay'Bama's versatility is the high energy track 'It's Bama'. Still positive, still motivational but this one can be played at parties or when you in car with your friends. Crossover potential is a major key in the music business today and 'It's Bama' is a perfect way to bring a different crowd into Clay'Bama's world and his other music.

8. To Whom It May Concern

More introspection here from Clay'Bama and you learn over this project he is very open with his fans. Observations and life experiences just pour out over the soulful samples and piano keys. It's reiterated Clay'Bama is focused and determined to be successful and be a man of respect. This is another track to play when you need encouragement from a wise, positivesource.

9. What Up Shawty

The final track and a very uplifting, smooth song for all of the women out there. A lot of rap music today doesn't say positive things about women but Clay'Bama does a great job in showing how grateful he is for his wife. He shows just how hard he will work to provide and how many good qualities he finds in his life partner. 'What Up Shawty' is a dope track that helps remind us of the respect we need for women today.


...that overloads they soul and make they gun blow, cuz lonely adolescents can’t see the blessing in control
— Clay'Bama
Realize we got so many options, realize so Uncle Jimmy got us hostage we got so much in common
— Clay'Bama
7-11, 187 on my foolish pride, long as I got love I know I’ll never see no snakes eyes
— Clay'Bama


'Black Diamond,Silver Lining' is a solid debut mixtape from Clay'Bama. The music had a professional, polished sound with an uplifting message. It's refreshing to hear hip hop music with motivational themes and subject matter in contrast to what we normally hear. Clay'Bama is hungry for success and passionate about getting his message out to the people. If you're looking for music that speaks to a better life for you and your family, listen to 'Black Diamond, Silver Lining' today!