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Mixtape Review

1. #DFTK

The introduction grabs your attention and will have you anticipating more right away. The beat comes in at a slow steady pace and suddenly you hear the hook panning from both speakers. Jay brings a solid opening verse and T closes out with a crazy flow. If this is an example of more to come, greatness lies ahead.

2. Creep Life

Creep Life brings a west coast Bay Area vibe that capitalizes on a few sounds that gel together to create a crazy bounce. The concept of this track is not to incite violence but to watch how people move and protect yourself at all times. Thuh Kôz create a wave that is energetic and club ready but also responsible, something we need more of in rap today.

3. UNTRD (We Like to Party)

This one brings smoother vibe to the project than we have heard so far. Thuh Kôz adds more singing to this track and the layers of their vocals create a really melodic sound. The contrast in J's voice with T's singing really bring the chorus together. Added with the soothing sounds of the instrumental, Thuh Kôz show their versatility in making multiple styles of rap music.

4. Goin Crazy

Once again, Thuh Kôz showcases their ability to create a good vibe and Goin Krazy is a party. The production is solid, it incorporates some original, hard hitting sounds. Thuh Kôz also does some unique effects on the vocals as you can hear them bouncing from speaker to speaker. This is definitely a banger.

5. Wave

Thuh Kôz selected a diverse set of beats for this project and the production on Wave is no exception. The originality in the sounds chosen and beats selected will help them stand apart from other rap artists. The tempo and vibe are a little more laid back than the rest but it creates a nice canvas. The chorus is simple and catchy, something you will find yourself repeating back before the song is done.

6. What You Want

Bringing some what of a late 90s early 2000 vibe, What You Want is a refreshing sound. It brings the feelings of flying on a plane or crushing on a yacht. Rap and RnB have always gone hand in hand and What You Want is a dope blend of both genres. T brings the singing vocals and layered with the rap verses, What You Want is another solid collaboration from Thuh Kôz.

7. Different

This one is indeed... different. I love the confident, aggressive approach on the track, a quality prevalent in hip hop. Monsta Beats provides a crazy instrumental, the bass hitting during the verse really brings this song to life. When you're feeling confident, successful, and apart from the rest, 'Different' is the one for you.

8. We Out Here

Think of a 2016 Bonnie and Clyde and you have the concept behind 'We Out Here'. It's dope to hear the chemistry Thuh Kôz displays musically and the support they provide to each other lyrically. J and T paint the perfect picture of having the finer things in life and a partner to share it with as well. Thuh Kôz didn't follow the crowd, they set their own relationship goals.

9. Be Rich

We all want to be rich, what makes this track different is the future it presents. It's not just about being rich to have commercial items but to establish a business and leave a legacy behind. Instead of bragging about material things, Thuh Kôz describes how money can bring knowledge and responsibility into your life so you can make a positive change. It's not all about getting to the money, it's about how you plan to use the money.


Niggas wanna try you, can’t try me on, ain’t ya size nigga, look up that’s us on the rise nigga...
— T (Thuh Kôz)
This shxt is different, the ladies wanna be independent but get mad when niggas don’t pitch in, this shxt is different...
— J (Thuh Kôz)
I want remembrance, more wealth for my lineage, I want the knowledge the truth and the benefits, I want the riches to split with my kin...
— J (Thuh Kôz)


All it takes is one single to begin the process to create a project. Thuh Kôz found solid chemistry on their single 'Creep Life' and used that energy to drop 'UNTRD'. 'UNTRD' (untraditional) is the perfect title for this release as the approach is far from the usual. Thuh Kôz use a great beat selection to provide stunning, original sounds that bring each track to life. It's awesome to hear so many different techniques being used to create the unique sound. Panning, doubling vocals, layering vocals, many basic techniques were used masterfully on 'UNTRD'. In a time where not many know where to go with rap music, Thuh Kôz new project 'UNTRD' is a confident step into the unknown.