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New music video here from Big Hookz, with his latest single 'Make A Milli'. This is  a big production with high quality vehicles, accommodations, and locales. 'Make A Milli' is about living that big lifestyle and enjoying all the benefits of spending money fast. Life has many different moods and situations and celebration is one we should embrace just as much as any other. 

Musically, 'Make A Milli' has a Migos type sound to me, the heavy hitting bass and rapid fire lyrics stand out. What works best for 'Make A Milli' is the fact that the look, lyrics, production, and sound all come together as one. The song and visual are perfect compliments and this song is definitely one to play when its time to turn up or spend a check. Be sure to check out 'Make A Milli' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!