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Kristine Mirelle

Los Angeles, California

Kristine Mirelle

Kristine Mirelle

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New music here from Kristene Mirelle, artist out of Los Angeles, California with her music video 'Freakin Mess'. From the start the visuals grab your attention. There is a lot of detail put into the colors, camera angles, and props used in the video. It's an amusing, unexpected journey into a day with Kristene Mirelle. What begins as a normal day in bed, turns into a lot more. 

Musically, Kristene has a strong unique voice that sounds like an instrument in itself. Her sounds really help bring this song to life as well as the production that has a nice bounce and joyful mood. This song really has the makings to be a big heat in multiple genres. Be sure to watch 'Freakin Mess' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!