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Reyna Roberts

Los Angeles, California

Reyna Roberts

Reyna Roberts

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New music here from Reyna Roberts, singer out of Los Angeles, California with her new music video 'I'm Coming For Ya'. Visually, the concept is abstract and there are a lot of interesting shots. Each scene has a unique feel, it's a nice contrast between the dark and light themes. There are also some transition scenes that show symbols that may have a deeper meaning. It's an intriguing visual experience. 

The song has a relaxed feel and the production has a rnb feel with hip hop elements. Vocally, Reyna does a great job in matching the feel of the music and providing an equally relaxing sound. It's a steady beat with a slower tempo that makes is easy to catch and vibe with the words.  She also provides strong vocals at the end to really bring the track home. Be sure to watch the 'I'm Coming For Ya' music video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!