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Big Holly

Cleveland, Ohio

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New music here from a fresh artist on the Cleveland hip hop scene, Big Holly. 'Work' is the name of the new single and it's definitely got that vintage Cleveland flow and sound. Cleveland music has a swagger and arrogance that you can pickup instantly as soon as you hear it. 

The beat flips various sounds from Young Thug's 'Danny Glover' song and I think its a dope take on a beat and I haven't heard it before. You can notice the synth sounds and even the stutter effects right away but the Work sounds way different than Danny Glover. 

Big Holly said he was "just having fun" on this one and you can tell. He sounds at ease on the track just giving the city of Cleveland something to vibe to and get behind to support. Be sure to check out Big Holly and his new single 'Work' in the link above. Let us know what you think in the comments!