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Yung Broly

Cleveland, Ohio


Yung Broly has released the anticipated mixtape #NHS (Nimbus High Sound). Features from Just Chill, Trunks Adachi, and JPlatinum. Nice chill sound with production of Xavior Jordan, Sigma and more. Listen to it here now!

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Yung Broly, Cleveland hip hop artist is back on Yesterdays Nothing will all new music. We have featured Yung Broly several times before and now he is debuting his new project 'Nimbus High Sound'. You have to respect Yung Broly's work ethic and it shows in his music as with each drop he gets better at songwriting, rapping, choosing beats, just overall artistry. 

The opening track 6 AM in Columbus is a fitting intro. The beat is smooth and is a welcoming introduction to the project. The beat reminds me of a Legend of Zelda instrumental so its very spaced out and wavy. The lyrics are just thoughts, feelings, really laid back music. 

The next track 'Swole' is a perfect transition as it keeps a smooth vibe but adds a nice bass knock and hook to make it a little more uptempo. Yung Broly even includes the authentic sounds from Dragonball Z in the song as ad-libs. The project starts off smooth with catchy lyrics and instrumentals. Be sure to check out 'Nimbus High Sound' in the link above and let us know what you think in the comments!