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Boogie Buddha

Cleveland, Ohio


Local artist from Cleveland Half of group Boom Boise Affiliated with Crew Ent. Focuses on developing own sound Recently Released Boomer EP, a first project from artist Upcoming Project in the works, release date around summer.

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New music here from Cleveland, Ohio hip hop artist Boogie Buddha. The EP is called "Boomer" and features 11 tracks for you enjoy. "Dimensions Pt 2" the 4th title on the EP and features a smooth beat with an open mic jazz club feel. The percussion is solid yet subtle and the accompanying sounds like bells and shakers bring the sound full circle. Boogie Buddha brings a relaxed, confident feel to the track; sharing his insights on things he sees in the world around him.  It's a very smooth track something you can just play and vibe out to instantly. 

The following track "Ball" features an eerie sample thats chopped up with background vocal sounds and snares. It sounds like the sample was slowed then added to the beat to make it more interesting. Boogie Buddha takes a similar approach lyrically as he brings a controlled, positive vibe describing the things he plans to accomplish and describing what habits and thought processes will bring that to life. There are plenty of more tracks on the 'Boomer EP' for you to check out, listen in the link above and let us know what you think in the comments!