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Miami Tip

Miami, Florida


Miami Tip, aka Tip Drill, is one of the hardest working and genuine success stories we’ve been privy to work with. From her humble beginnings in Long Island, New York, this creative spirit transplanted herself to sunny Miami where she completely embraced the superstar persona we know today. She is beloved for the undeniable talents she possesses and the big, lovable personality she exudes. 

Social Networks

Twitter - @MiamiTipMusic / Instagram - @MiamiTip


New music video here from Miami Tip with 'Low Key' featuring Fetty Wap. As soon as the beat drops you can hear the song has hit potential. The beat is a banger and the hook is catchy and the concept is one that will forever be relevant. The music video is dope as well as it includes some acting scenes and a storyline that will keep you engaged watching the whole time. 

Hip hop has always been infatuated with the 'ride or die' relationship and Low Key builds on that perfectly. Miami Tip and Fetty Wap have a great chemistry and come together to make smooth melodies and a party vibe. Be sure to check out Low Key above and let us know what you think in the comments!