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Scrub and Ace Ha

St. Louis, Missouri / Los Angeles, California

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Twitter - @ScrubMusic / Instagram - @ScrubMusic / Facebook - ScrubandAceHa 

Website - www.ScrubAndAceHa.com


New music on Yesterdays Nothing here from veteran emcee SCRUB (St. Louis) and producer ACE HA (Los Angeles). They have teamed up to create a new classic that showcases their collective experience. Listeners will hear elements of golden-era Boom Bap weaved seamlessly with progressive sounds and intricate lyrics. Ranging from lighthearted story telling to biting social critiques, these two artists deliver a listening experience that is both engaging and heartfelt.

Anita Ride is a very well constructed music video, each scene, extra, and prop helps add to the story. Between the boomboxes, graffiti, and aerial shots, artistically the video is on point. The song is very relatable and watching what Scrub is going through and hearing him tell the stories reminds you of those moments you had car issues. Anita Ride brings hip hop back to a time where it was about having fun and sharing a message and it accomplishes just that.