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Mile$ Grant

Jacksonville, Florida 


My name is Mile$ Grant I'm 19 years old. I'm an aspiring recording artist from Jacksonville, Fl. I also enjoy producing. God comes first, family second, and this thing third.

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Twitter - @WhosMilesGrant / Instagram - @WhosMilesGrant


New music here from the multi talented Mile$ Grant out of Jacksonville, Florida. The name of the new single is "1200" and it is the first release from the forthcoming "HoopMixtapeVol2". Mile$ Grant not only raps but he produces his own beats as well. "Say hello to the bad guy" is what instantly came to my mind when I heard the beat, the same sound is found on Jay-Z's American Gangster album. I think he flipped it well as he adds some nice touches that give the sample an uptempo feel. 

1200 is a fun track to me, it sounds like Mile$ Grant had a good time making this one. He bounces over the track with a versatile flow and the lyrics sound confident while not being too arrogant. This track is a perfect example of the style prominent in hip hop today; a smooth sound with party potential. You'll find yourself going, "pop 1 pop 1 pop 2 uh" even after the song is finished. Be sure to check out 1200 in the link above and tell us what you think in the comment section!