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Cleveland, Ohio




When I was a kid growing up in Dayton, Ohio I was able to travel a lot and see the world with my grandparents and realized the world was full of possibilities.

Before I became an artist it was these possibilities that made me a dreamer. I moved to Cleveland when I was 12 and was put into a fast paced city that I didn’t really fit into. Back in my hometown I was used to a more laid back and chill atmosphere, but this didn’t stop me from dreaming. (cont.)

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New music from hip hop artist Clay'Bama out of Cleveland, Ohio with his new single 'Non-Violent?' This track is in support of stopping the violence in our city streets and racial division in our communities. The format is very cinematic and with the added sound effects and ad libs the song really comes to life. The quality of the mix is also big factor in what makes Non-Violent so listenable. Each voice and instrument has its own lane and the volume levels are perfect. 

"...realize that I am not the problem, realize we got so many options, realize where Uncle Jimmy got us hostage but we got so much in common."

There are a lot of quotable sections of this song because of their relatability. Non-Violent? really speaks to what we all are facing today whether in our city, schools, social media, or televisions. Be sure to check out 'Non-Violent?' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!