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Cleveland, Ohio


While out in Atlanta doing shows and promo work MARV took a break to record Uber Everywhere freestyle where he rap like only he can.

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New music here from Cleveland hip hop artist, MARV and lately he has been on a roll. MARV is currently in Atlanta doing shows and promotion for his music and during his time out there he released this Uber Everywhere RMX. In usual MARV form he brings his trademark flow and punchlines to the beat and makes the song his own. 

"Phone keep ringing plug say he on the way, phone still ringing I just missed a play.."

MARV is really good at making his music relatable. He uses lines that catch your attention, are easy to relate to, and also are very specific in reference to his life so you feel the authenticity. MARV has been working on his craft for a long time and you can see his work paying off with the quality of his music and the listeners he is gaining. 

"Hustle was hereditary money in my jeans..."

That was my favorite line on the song, really nice wordplay. Be sure to check out MARV's Uber Everywhere RMX and let us know what you think in the comments below!