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Cleveland, Ohio



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New music here from Cleveland, Ohio hip hop artist Sav with his new music video 'Day Ones'. The video was shot by Brett Vance of the HighArt brand and he did a great job capturing the footage. The video represents building with your day one supporters, being proud of your success, and feeling comfortable around people that can relate to you. 

Sav is representing the Elevated Livin brand and has been putting out lots of work in the recent months with shows, freestyles, and promoting the company. His efforts and energy can all be seen here in the 'Day Ones' music video as he kicks back with his people and recaps what has been done and what is on the plate for the future. 

Here at Yesterdays Nothing we are big supporters of Sav and the Elevated Livin movement, so be sure to check out 'Day Ones' above and let us know what you think in the comments!