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Jay Chivs

Dayton, Ohio


Jay Chivs is an up and coming lyricist from Dayton, OH. He just dropped off the first single from his forthcoming EP releasing this month featuring $teven Cannon. The track was produced by SU$H! Ceej of Two9 Records.

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New music here on Yesterdays Nothing from Dayton, Ohio hip hop artist Jay Chivs with his new single titled "$pooky". The track also features $teve Cannon and the beat is produced by Su$h! Ceej of Two-9 records. The instrumental is nice, it has an old school feel in the beginning but when the beat drops it instantly comes up to speed. Its a great blend of an old school sound with a new wave touch to bring it all together. 

Jay Chivs brings a hi energy flow to the track and it comes to life right away. You can feel the confidence in his voice and he speaks about putting in work, getting lifted, and all the success that he is soon to see. Jay Chivs also brings some memorable lines like "I can make a crip say you brazy" and "I don't think trapping come with a pension, so Im finna risk it all rapping I need me some commas for all of my writtens".

$teve Cannon adds a nice feature verse as he picks up right there Jay Chivs leaves off without missing a beat. The chemistry between the two rappers is great as $teve Cannon brings a familiar flow but a different vibe with his verse so the song is cohesive throughout. Be sure to check out "$pooky" above and let us know what you think in the comments below!