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Cleveland, Ohio

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New music here from Righteous hip hop artist out of Cleveland, Ohio with his new single 'I Want J's'. Righteous has been dropping music consistently for a few years now and with each drop shows the growth in his music skills. The production on this track is from Atlanta super producer Zaytoven, and it showcases Zay's signature piano, synths, and trap sound. 

Righteous does a good job in making the beat his own, while providing just the right sounds to go with the track. It has a Cleveland vibe but the Atlanta trap sound is also heard and appreciated. The flow is slow and the lyrics are cocky so its reminiscent of Gucci on a Zay track, just sitting back kicking knowledge.  This is one of those songs you can wake up to in the morning to get going or something you turn on when you with your people and y'all out cruising the streets. Be sure to check out 'I Want J's' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!