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Rosewood Bape

Boston, Massachusetts 

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New music here from Rosewood Bape out of Boston, Massachusetts with his new music video 'Ready Set Go'. I got an opportunity to hear the song on Soundcloud a few weeks back and I felt it was an instant hit. 'Ready Set Go' has all the elements of a banger. The beat is dope, the hook is catchy, the ad libs are on point and it's something original. You can hear some of the sounds that are prevalent today but Rosewood Bape does a great job of making it his own. 

The music video is well constructed also. It has an industry major look and really brings the song to life. As a fan it just makes you ready to see what Rosewood Bape has in store next. Be sure to check out 'Ready Set Go' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!