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Houston, Texas


Syrup City Saint coming sooner than later. Get up with your boy if it's quality you seek.


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New music here from Houston, Texas hip hop artist, Von5019, with his new single 'Ali'. Produced by Aryon MC, Von5019 and Aryon have a great chemistry together when they link up on tracks. Aryon MC provides dope samples, and moody sounds to go along with Von's deep, relatable lyrics. The feeling you get from the 'Ali' track is one of confidence and introspection. Inspiring words influenced by the courage found in oneself.

Be sure to check out Von5019's new track 'Ali' as well as his other features on Yesterdays Nothing. Von has been sending us lot's of tracks and even worked with Yesterdays Nothing Radio. On our homepage, search 'Von5019' to find all of his music on Yesterdays Nothing and visit Yesterdays Nothing Radio to check out his interview today.