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Cleveland, Ohio


MARV is releasing a single titled Media & Lies his first single of the year! This is a song to hold us off until his releases his first EP titled Maestro. Maestro is a project of over a year in the making of reminiscing, past relationships and current issues.

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More new music here from Cleveland, Ohio hip hop artist MARV as he brings his first single of 2016 'Media and Lies'. MARV has been very consistent over the past few months releasing music, traveling, and increasing his online presence. The new single 'Media and Lies' showcases MARV's ability to be very creative with his sound. Every time MARV drops you don't know what to expect and it's a good thing because of his versatility. 

The beat to 'Media and Lies' reminds me of an uptempo March Madness. MARV brings a dope, catchy melody and flow to his verses and you will find yourself instantly rocking with the sound. Cleveland natives will also pick up on MARV's lingo and flow as it reminds you of our OG sound and MARV has been on the indy Cleveland scene for a long time. 

They aint seen what I seen, they aint did what I did, tryna tell these niggas they ain’t fkn with the kid, I been down for so long, now I’m back on my shxt, tryna tell these niggas they aint fkn with the kid...

This is the "hook" to the song and it speaks to you right away. Look out for MARV as he is focused and ready to work. Be sure to check out 'Media and Lies' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!