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Liana Bank$

New York City, New York

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New music video here from Liana Bank$, multi-talented artist out of NYC with 'LVLUP'. The quality of the video will catch you right away as everything shows up crystal clear. The fashion choices and shooting locations are fresh and wavy. Everyone looks unique and polished. From the couches of a dope loft to the streets of NYC it looks like hanging with Liana Bank$ and her people would be a real good time. 

Light up the spliff, put rims on the whip, we work hard for this shxt, so much harder than them, only right that we LVLUP...
— Liana Bank$

The song 'LVLUUP' has a wavy vibe to it and by wavy I mean, smooth, relaxing and futuristic. You hear a lot of synth type sounds and sound effects but it all comes together to create a chill atmosphere. Some call it hanging out and some call it kicking it but Liana Bank$ is inviting everyone to 'LVLUP'. Be sure to check out the music video above and let us know what you think in the comments below!