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Jay Gudda

Peabody, Massachusetts 

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New music video here from Jay Gudda, hip hop artist out of Massachusetts with 'The Reset'. Let's start with the beat, the production is solid. The beat has a haunting piano key melody, dope percussion elements, and the tempo is perfect to let you rap either fast or slow. Jay Gudda brings  a steady flow with aggression, you can tell he means what he says and he's not here to sugarcoat.

My pops left me and mom with the condo, so I was head honcho, 9 years old tryna figure out how the fk to get the lawn mowed
— Jay Gudda

The location of the video shoot is an abandoned building, seems like it could be an old hospital or  psychiatric ward. The visuals fit perfect with the haunting beat and Jay Gudda's delivery, you feel brought into Jay Gudda's mind. It's a grimy place where he retells stories of his past and how he promises to be successful in the future, despite any obstacles. Be sure to check out 'The Reset' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!