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Mile$ Grant

Jacksonville, Florida

19 Year Old Artist/ Producer, Founder of Tragicville Records.

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Twitter - @WhosMilesGrant / Instagram - @WhosMilesGrant


New music video from Mile$ Grant, hip hop artist out of Jacksonville, Florida with the visual 'Sellin'. The production is simple, just a few notes, with a hi hat and drum kick but it really stands out. The beat leaves a lot of room for Mile$ to add in his ad libs and emphasize his words on certain parts. The visuals are clean, Mile$ rocking a fresh fit and telling his story walking the streets of his neighborhood. 

I think Im’a sell this dream until my breathing stop...
— Mile$ Grant

The message here is believing in yourself and going after what incites your passion. Mile$ Grant is a multi talented artist, rapping and producing and this song shows he is having fun with his music and is ready for whatever is next.

This video should be inspiring for all of the upcoming artists, don't be afraid to take chances, be yourself, and believe in your talent because great things can come from your dreams. Be sure to check out 'Sellin' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!