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New music here from J-Harris, multi-talented artist out of North Carolina with his latest video 'Music For Ya Soul'. Starting with the production, the beat has a nice soul sample, reminds me of something off of Jay Z's American Gangster. When the beat drops it really gets going as heavy drums fall in behind the soulful horns. J-Harris brings a fast singing-rapping flow that really sounds great on the track. He's able to give you a good balance between changing notes, giving you punchlines, and switching up his flow. 

The visuals are professional and clean to be most precise. From start to finish, each location scene, transition, and cameo fall right into place.  The video is fun and a great introduction in J-Harris if you are a first time listener. He showcases his lyrical ability and singing talent giving you just enough to make you look out for the next single. Be sure to check out 'Music For Ya Soul' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!