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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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New music here from Astronautalis, hip hop artist out of Minneapolis with his new music video "Running Away From God". Starting with the production, the beat has a Southern vibe to it and would sound great performed live. The piano and drum keys go well together and create a big sound with a lot of energy. Astronautalis brings a real conversational flow so he comes off very relatable and into his message. 

Anything is a club if the speakers work, turn it up til it shakes the rafters, no kings, no gods, no masters...
— Astronautalis

This line stood out to me as it relates to the title and Astronautalis explains how music brings us together. Without any designated space or rules, people have always come together through our connection with music.

The videography is also well done in "Running Away From God". Without giving too much away, Astronautalis brings a fresh idea to the performance scene and it's going to hold your attention. Be sure to check out "Running Away From God" in the link above and let us know what you think in the comments below!