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Nerves Baddington

Birmingham, Alabama

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New music video here from Nerves Baddington, hip hop duo out of Birmingham, Alabama, with 'Addict'. The music video begins in a meeting room filled with some very interesting looking individuals. The artists are now up to the podium and are admitting they are addicts and sharing their addictions. The production is very solid as it begins with a nice bongo sample and then adds guitar riffs on top. 

Some addicted to pride and say that it’s called heart, addicted to mediocrity thinking its called art...
— Nerves Baddington

This line really stood out to me because it relates to music and our society today. Many people confuse arrogance and confidence and we are settling when it comes to our music and what we demand in our music. Overall, the song and music video are a very fresh concept.

It's always reassuring to see when artists are looking to push the hip hop genre and spread knowledge. Be sure to check out 'Addict' above and let us know what you think in the comments below!